Rita Mae Brown, Donna Eagles and Zoe Nawoe discuss class differences

Rita Mae Brown, author of The Hand That Cradles the Rock, Songs to a Handsome Woman, Rubyfruit Jungle and other books, and Donna Eagles, Bay Area activist, discuss class differences, feminism, sexual orientation, power and lack of power, publishing, humor, how to build a successful movement, and more with KPFA's Zoe Nawoe. Includes phone calls from listeners.

Adrienne Rich reading her poetry

Adrienne Rich reads and comments on her poems at the First Unitarian Church in San Francisco, CA on April 25, 1974. The reading was sponsored by the Poetry Center of San Francisco. She is introduced by Kathy (her last name is not given). She begins with poems from her book "Diving into the Wreck" (published 1973).

Kathie Sarachild on Gloria Steinem and the CIA

Kathie Sarachild is interviewed on KPFA's "Unlearning to not speak" program by Susan Elisabeth. Sarachild is a member of the Redstockings radical feminist group which has just published a "warning" that Gloria Steinem and MS Magazine (Steinem is editor) may be fronts for the CIA and powers that be to block progress on feminist issues such as the exploitation of women.

Jane Fonda: Women in Vietnam

Part 1 of 3: Live recording of Jane Fonda speaking in San Francisco (UCSF?) week of April 10, 1973 on her recent trip to Hanoi (for several weeks in July 1972) and the position of women in North Vietnam.

Marge Piercy: reading and thoughts

Marge Piercy, poet and novelist, reads her poems and talks about poetry. She announces she has four books of poetry: Breaking Camp, Hard Loving, To Be of Use, and Living in the Open (at press now); and three novels: Going Down Fast (about urban renewal in Chicago), Dance Eagle to Sleep (60s youth movement) and Small Changes (10 years in life of two women friends).

Wanda Coleman interviewed by Opal Palmer Adisa

Poet Opal Palmer Adisa interviews writer/poet Wanda Coleman, author of Mad Dog, Black Lady, African Sleeping Sickness and Hand Dance, among other books. Coleman discusses when she found her poetic voice, talks about the function of poetry, her personal encounters with anti-Black discrimination, and about the reluctance of white liberals to discuss issues that affect the Black community.

And not to yield: Ella Winter interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson

Ella Winter, author, foreign correspondent, world traveler, interviewed in studio by Elsa Knight Thompson concerning her life, views on society, government, communications. Ella was born in Australia, grew up in England, attended London School of Economics, and was married to two famous husbands: Lincoln Steffens and Donald Ogden Stewart.
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