Interview with Margaret Shedd

Interview with local author and prison activist Margaret Shedd (interviewer not identified in program or on reel box). Born at the turn of the century, Margaret talks informally about her life, writing, and women's writing in general.

Gwen Avery performing at KPFA

Gospel and blues singer Gwen Avery (1943 - 2014) performs in KPFA's Studio B on January 30, 1977. The songs are as follows: I'm a woman (Gwen Avery) -- A change (Gwen Avery) -- Just a closer walk (Spiritual) -- Sunny (Bobby Hebb) -- I will too (David Ahlers) -- Missing you (David Ahlers) -- Shout it out (David Ahlers) -- Do it on my own (David Ahlers) -- Backyard blues (Gwen Avery).

Berkeley Women's Music Collective, BeBe K'Roche, and Rose Bubbling

Unlearning to Not Speak, Sisterhood Sounds Good. Bay Area women musicians live in our studio tonight. Women singing songs written by and for women. Berkeley Women's Music Collective performs "Nicki", "SF Bank Song", "Gay and Proud", "She Is My Sister", "Learn How To Give", and "Understand".

Marta Ptaszynska interviewed by Virginia Kosanovic

Actuality of an interview with Marta Ptaszynska by Virginia Kosanovic (interviewer not identified on reel). Three sections on reel. Marta makes brief comments on composing, importance of structure, and on teaching music. Likely a duplicate of AZ1132.39, which is being preserved as part of the American Women project.

Night of the Virgin Shark: Didi Favreau / produced by Charles Amirkhanian

Charles Amirkhanian plays experimental works by members of his class at U.C. Extension, San Francisco; and introduces the work of Didi Favreau, a woman who has composed music on tape based exclusively on the sounds of office machinery. Her art is an outcry against the slavery of women and is an interesting contrast to her former output as an urban folk recording artist. Tape 1 contents: 1.

Lesbian Express: Book reviews for January 12, 1975

Production reel with general review of lesbian presses and titles of books by and about lesbians with a few selections read and commented upon. Segments: 1. A collection from Diana Press (Baltimore, MD) titled Women Remembered: A Collection of Biographies from the Furies, which includes a chapter on Queen Christina of Sweden; 2. New lesbian fiction from Daughters, Inc.
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