Audioprose: Tillie Olsen

Tillie Olsen was born in 1913 into a working class family and saw much suffering in her early years. Olsen reads from her book, "I Stood There Ironing," her first person narrative of a working woman explaining to a visiting social worker what went wrong with her talented but emotionally restricted daughter.

Focus on Women Composers: Contemporary Women Composers (Episode 59)

The last in a series of four programs surveying compositions by women from the Renaissance to the present day, covering music composed by women since 1950. Produced and presented by Fleur Helsingor. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Homunculus c.f. for ten percussionists, Julia Perry; 2. intro/continuity; 3. Stray Birds, Ursula Mamlok; 4. continuity; 5. Horn Concerto, Thea Musgrave; 6.

Focus on Women Composers: Contemporary Collage (Episode 55)

A program focusing on contemporary collage works by women composers. Produced and master by April McMahon. Self-contained. Contents: 1. intro; 2. Trio Sonata no. 4, "Sheep", Carolyn Hawley; 3. continuity; 4. Torero, Beth Anderson; 5. continuity; 6. Quia Amore Langueo, Ophelia, Janet Danielson; 7. continuity; 8. Eye, Suzanne Ciani; 9. continuity; 10.

Composer and pianist Michele Rosewoman (Episode 50)

A program featuring Bay Area-based composer and pianist Michele Rosewoman. Produced and engineered by Joan Medlin. Self-contained. Contents: Interview with Michele Rosewoman intercut with her pieces in the following order: 1. Crazy Weaving Thing; 2. Prepared Piano; 3. Whistles/voices; 4. Echoes; 5. Seattle Improv.; 6. Full Moon Improv.; 7. Sound Song (only 40 second portion).

Composer Martha Dee (Episode 44)

A program highlighting the work of composer Martha Dee, featuring recordings from a live concert of her music and choreography that took place on February 18, 1977 at Chico State College. Produced and presented by Fleur Helsingor. Self-contained. Contents: 1. intro; 2. Pulses; 3. continuity; 4. Women Suite; 5. continuity; 6. Trombone Lullaby; 7. continuity; 8. Of Sadness (three movements); 9.

Focus on Women Composers: A selection of tapes collected recently (Episode 43)

A program featuring tapes of women composers recently collected by Susan Sailow. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Crystal Dancer, Janet Cuniberti; 2. continuity; 3. String Quartet, Ruth Schonthal-Seckel; 4. continuity; 5. Electronic Music for Belly Dancers, Linda Silbert; 6. continuity; 7. Mr. Brown's Wife, Lucy Garber; 8.

Composer Marta Ptaszyńska (Episode 39)

A program focusing on the work of Polish-born contemporary composer and percussionist Marta Ptaszyńska, who teaches musical composition at UC Berkeley. Produced and presented by Virginia Kosanovic. Self-contained. [This reel is an aircheck that lacks the outro].
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