Composer Frankie Mann (Episode 32)

A program exploring the work of Bay Area-based electronic composer Frankie Mann. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Eloptic Gardens; 2. intro; 3. Computarok; 4. continuity; 5. Symphonarchy; 6. continuity; 7. I Always Begin with the Universe; 8. outro; 9. Cloud-Soft-Travelers. Master by April McMahon and Sher Giarmita.

Focus on Women Composers: Women in College Music (Episode 31)

Program exploring the American college music environment in which many composers find themselves and the impact this largely male-dominated world has had on women composers. Produced and presented by Virginia Kosanovic. Self-contained. Contents: 1. intro; 2. Chamber Concerto No. 2, Thea Musgrave; 3. continuity; 4. Paean, Vivian Fine; 5. continuity; 6. Outline, Pauline Oliveros; 7.

Focus on Women Composers: Some Women in Rock (Episode 27)

A program highlighting women composers in the field of rock music. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Rhiannon, Stevie Nicks; 2. intro; 3. Children of Darkness, Sara Ellen Dunlop; 4. You're the One, Jean and June Millington of Fanny; 5. One Good Man, Janis Joplin; 6. continuity; 7. The Secret in This Lady's Heart, Ellen McIlwaine; 8.

Focus on Women Composers: Percussion music (Episode 23)

Program highlighting the work of women percussionists. Produced and presented by Virginia Kosanovic. Contents: 1. Space model, Marta Ptaszyńska (excerpt); 2. intro/continuity; 3. Cadenza for flute and percussion, Marta Ptaszyńska; 4. continuity; 5. Solitaire for piano, vibraphone and tape, Barbara Kolb; 6. continuity; 7. Stress for percussion and tape, Marta Ptaszyńska; 8. continuity; 9.

Composer Megan Roberts (Episode 22)

Interview with Bay Area-based composer and video artist Megan Roberts. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Includes interview with Megan Roberts. Self-contained. Contents: 1. intro; 2. Applause for Small People, a Pygmatic Function; 3. interview; 4. Support Stockings; 5. interview; 6. I've Had it with that Noise, Boys; 7. interview; 8.

Singer Bessie Smith (Episode 21)

A program about blues singer Bessie Smith (1894 - 1937), with many examples of her music and readings from three texts about Smith. Presented by Fleur Helsingor and Jane Ayres. Produced by Renee Roatcap. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Gulf Coast Blues; 2. Aggravatin' Papa; 3. Program intro and first reading by Helsingor about Bessie Smith; 4. Fankie Blues; 5. Moonshine Blues; 6.

Focus on Women Composers: Electronic composers (Episode 19)

A program of electronic music composed by women composers. Presented by Virginia Kosanovic, Fleur Helsingor, and Susan Sailow. Produced by Fleur Helsingor. Self-contained. Contents: 1. Evening Harmony, excerpt from Flowers of Evil, Ruth White (faded down and out); 2. continuity; 3. Breath and Sounds, Beatrice Witkin; 4. continuity; 5. Kolyossa, Pril Smiley; 6. continuity; 7.

Composer Miriam Gideon (Episode 17)

Program devoted to the music of American Jewish composer Miriam Gideon (1906 - 1996) in honor of Rosh Hashanah. Gideon was Professor of Music at the Jewish Theological Seminary and at City College, both in New York City. Presented by Virginia Kosanovic and Fleur Helsingor. Self-contained. Contents (all pieces by Miriam Gideon): 1. continuity; 2. Rhymes from the Hill; 3. continuity; 4.

Elayne Jones, timpanist (Episode 16)

An interview with timpanist, percussionist and teacher Elayne Jones, a Black woman with Barbadian parents who grew up in Harlem (New York City). She discusses her musical background and upbringing, her years with the New York City Opera, her move to San Francisco and her experiences as a Black woman in the world of opera. Sound quality is muddy for the first five minutes of the recording.

Composer Grażyna Bacewicz (Episode 13)

A program exploring the work of Polish composer and violinist Grażyna Bacewicz (1909 - 1969). Presented by Susan Sailow and Virginia Kosanovic. Produced by Susan Sailow. Self contained. Contents: 1. Piano Quintet No. 1, movement 1; 2. continuity; 3. Piano Sonata no. II; 4. continuity; 5. Musique pour cordes, trompette et percussion; 6. continuity; 7. Piano Quintet No. 2, movement 2.
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