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Protests, Rallies, Demonstrations (funded by the Ford Foundation)

Anti-Vietnam War Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond (part of the UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project)

Save Our Sound Tour

Authors / Literature


James Baldwin

Talk at the San Francisco Masonic Auditorium, James Baldwin, 1965. BB0370. Listen to Audio

An Interview with James Baldwin, interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson, 1963. BB0632

The Artist's Struggle for Integrity, James Baldwin, 1962. BB3641

James Baldwin on Angela Davis, interviewed by Joe Walker and George Cain, 1972. BC0642

James Baldwin interviewed by Chris Koch, 1967. BB4513

Ray Bradbury

Remember the Dreamers, Ray Bradbury, 1975. BC2896

Carlos Casteneda

Don Juan : The Sorcerer / Carlos Castaneda ; interviewed by Theodore Roszak, 1969. BB2038

Philip K. Dick

Science Fiction Writing Philip K. Dick interviewed by Mike Hodel, 1979. KZ0727

Quentin Crisp

The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp, 1978. KZ0782. Read Transcript

Aldous Huxley

The Final Revolution / Aldous Huxley, 1959. BB0055

Christopher Isherwood

A Personal Statement / Christopher Isherwood, 1962. BB0893.02

Leroi Jones

Interview with Leroi Jones / interview by Earl Anthony, 1968. BB4613

Jerzy Kozinski

Ronny Watkins talks with Jerzy Kozinski, 1968. BB3283

Denise Oliver

Changes / written and read by Denise Oliver, 1976. WZ0019

Alice B. Toklas

Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, 1963. BB1178

Interview with Annette Rosenshine, childhood friend of Alice B. Toklas interviewed by Lou Hartman, 1968. BB1837

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

An Interview with Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., 1970. BB3971

Alice Walker

Author Alice Walker Reads "Roselilly". AZ1010


Brecht in Hollywood produced by David Ossman, 1963. BC1162

The Art of Writing / Eudora Welty, Charles Brooks, and S. Hongl, 1963. BB3681

The Female Angst / Anais Nin, Joan Didion, and Dory Previn interviewed by Sally Davis, 1972. BC0611. Read Transcript

An Evening with Anais Nin interviewed by Judy Chicago, 1972. BC0619

No, No Artaud, 1966. BB0920

D.H. Lawrence at Taos / Spud Johnson interviewed by Erik Bauersfeld, 1967. BB1835

From the Coconut Grove Kenneth Anger and Susan Sontag, 1967. BB1847

Simone de Beauvoir in conversation with Studs Terkel; narraged by Janet Dodson, 1977. KZ0125

The Negro in American Culture (James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry), 1961. BB3297

Two Short Stories read by William Styron and James Baldwin, 1963. BB3684

Battles, Feasts and Solitudes / Collette ; produced by Maureen McIlroy, 1975. BC2369

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, 1975. BC2069.15


Cinema Studies


Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin, interviewed by Claire Clouzot, 1968 BB5186

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando on the Caryl Chessman execution. BB1597

Mel Brooks

A Talk by Mel Brooks, 1972. BC0739

Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola, 1967. BB3805.08

Dame Edith Evans

Dame Edith Evans, 1968. BB3821.03

Sir Cedric Hardwicke

Conversations with Sir Cedric Hardwicke / interviewed by Colin Edwards, 1961. BB1098

Rita Hayworth

San Francisco Film Festival, Rita Hayworth, 1972. BC1466.09

Alfred Hitchcock

Making Mystery Movies, Alfred Hitchcock, 1964. BB0992

Lena Horne

Lena Horne interviewed by Gene Dealessi, 1966. BB0921. Read Transcript

John Houseman

The Tendency of the Mass Media to corrupt works of art / John Houseman, 1967. BB1850

John Huston

It's Not my Work, it' s my life an interview with John Huston, 1972. BC1034

Pauline Kael

Pauline Kael's last broadcasts, 1963. AZ0084

What's Happened to Film Criticism, 1963. BB0829

The Film Since World War Two, Pauline Kael, 1968. BB2116

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff, 1961. BB0760

Stanley Kramer

An Interview with Stanley Kramer, 1968. BB5196

Elsa Lanchester

Elsa Lanchester, Herself, 1968. BB1683

David Lean

David Lean with Albert Johnson, 1971. BB2829.01

Spike Lee

Night Journey interview with Spike Lee by James Graves, 1990. KZ1545

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis on Comedy / interviewed by Herbert Feinstein, 1963. BB1031

Louis Malle

An Interview with Louis Malle interviewed by Milton Hoffman, 1972. BC0918

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor on Attica, 1972. BC1030

Jean Renoir

The Film as Art / Jean Renoir interviewed by Dale Minor, 1960. BB0747

Rod Steiger

Rod Steiger, 1967. BB3805.09

The Pawnbroker / Rod Steiger interviewed by Herb Feinstein. BC1108

Max Von Sydow

San Francisco Film Festival Max Von Sydow, 1972. BC1466.04

Jacques Tati

An Hour with Jacques Tati interviewed by Alan Farley, 1973. BC1491

Jacques Tati, Interviewed by Albert Johnson, 1972. BC1466.07

Lina Wertmueller

Lina Wertmueller interviewed by Gina Blumenfeld and Paul McIsaac, 1975. BC2715


Actuality of the San Francisco Film Festival, 1971. BB2829.02

A Glimpse of Juliet of the Spirits, interviews by David Ossman, 1966. BB4912

The First Movie Director's name was Alice / produced by Terry Hodel, 1974. BC1880

The Inquisition in Hollywood Politics in the Film Community 1930-1960, 1980. KZ1110

Teevee comedy panel / Groucho Marx and Steve Allen, 1961. BB5006

Inquisition in Eden / Alvah Bessie interviewed by Jack Nessel, 1964. BB0901

Hollywood Be Thy Name / written by Jack Hirschman ; produced by David Ossman and Michael Dayton, 1965. BB4594

Bike-boy: Two Superstars / Bruce Haines and George McKittrich ; interviewed by Claire Clouzot and Lee Meyerzove, 1968. BB5249




John Cage

A Conversation with John Cage, interviewed by Richard Friedman, 1970. BB4151. Read Transcript

Cage, Music, Talk, Etc, Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Johns, etc, 1965. BB4874

John Coltrane

An Interview with John Coltrane interviewed by Frank Kofsky, 1966. BB1266

Woody Guthrie

Hard Traveling: Woody Guthrie Remembered, 1972. BC0770

Billie Holiday

Lady Day: Billie Holiday, produced by Gene and Fabs Dealessi, 1967. BC0674

Victor Jara

I Don't Sing for Adulation : The Music of Victor Jara produced by Frances Emley, 1975. BC2953

John Lennon

John Lennon the Political and the Personal, Jon Wiener, 1981. KZ1020

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba Interview, undated. AZ1352


Odetta, interviewed by Celestine Ware. WBAI, 1971. BC0047. Read Transcript

Malvina Reynolds

Malvina Reynolds hosted by Howard Larmon, 1975. BC2316

Malvina and Dorothy, 1978. KZ1151. Read Transcript. Listen to Audio

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Soldier Blue / Buffy Sainte-Marie interviewed by Denny Smithson, 1971. BC0149

Sun Ra

Interview with Sun Ra, interviewed by Dennis Irving, 1968. BB3287

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson: World Citizen.  Interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson and Harold Winkler, 1958. BB0534. Read Transcript

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock Live Part 1 and 2, undated. IZ1203A and IZ1203B

Sarah Vaughn

Sarah Vaughn, interviewed by Herbert Feinstein, 1968. BB2012.33


The Freedom Singers in Berkeley, 1964. BB0513

Stravinsky produced by William Malloch, 1972. BC0801.01-.03

They Remember Dvorak, produced by William Malloch, 1970. KZ1250

I Remember Mahler / William Malloch, undated. KZ2457

Voices a Musical Celebration of the Wild World Parts 1-3. SZ0561

WBAI Benefit and Folk Concert, 1967. IZ1205

WBAI Benefit Folk Music Roll Two. IZ1201

Lecture on Bartok, circa 1950s. IZ1202

Hortensia Allende, da. unknown. IZ1204





Alta Performing at the League of Academic Women's Benefit, 1971. BC0477

Men Thought to be the Enemy / Alta ; interviewed by Eleanor Sully, 1971. BC0108

Charles Bukowski

Poetry of Charles Bukowski, 1962. BB4966

Lawrence Durrell

Selected Poems of Lawrence Durrell, cir. 1950s. AZ1467

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The Streets Kiss / written and read by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1956. BB1881

Existential poems / written and read by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1956. BB1880

A Coney Island of the Mind / written and read by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1956. BB1882

Robert Frost

Robert Frost reads his own poetry, 1956. BB1890

Allen Ginsberg

Why We Can't Hear Howl Allen Ginsberg, 1987. IZ0280

Allen Ginsberg reads his poetry, 1956. BB1893

Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin Reading Her Poetry, 1971. BC0224

Lewis Hill

"The Window" by Lewis Hill. AZ1482

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes / interviewed by Eve Corey, 1963. BB3671

The Last Poets

The Last Poets: Live at the Harding Theater / produces by Larry Scott, 1971. BC0226

Audre Lorde

To Be Young, Lesbian, and Black in the '50s, Audre Lorde, 1982. KZ1240. Read Transcript

Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell in Berkeley, 1957. BB1915

Robert Lowell Reading and Commentary circa 1950s. AZ1483

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda in New York, 1972. BC0970.01-.02

Kenneth Rexroth

Poetry written and read by Kenneth Rexroth, 1957. BB0977

Kenneth Rexroth on Censorship, 1957. BB1010

Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich, undated. IZ0355

Adrienne Rich, 1972. BC0949.02

Wallace Stevens

Four Poems of Wallace Stevens: Reading and commentary, cir. 1950s. AZ1480

Dylan Thomas

Nightwood, by Djuna Barnes ready by Dylan Thomas, 1952. BB1937

Dylan Thomas Reads, 1952. BB1939

Dylan Thomas Reads, 1952. BB0958

Sean O'Casey's Autobiography / written and read by Dylan Thomas, 1952. BB1938

William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams Reading and commentary, Cir. 1950s. AZ1469


My Father, Robert Frost / Lesley Frost and Will Geer ; introduced by William Gahagan, 1968. BB1832

The Poems of Ghalib a Centennial Celebration ready by Aijaz Ahmad and Adrienne Rich, 1969. BC0238

Panel on Howl, moderate by Pacifica radio founder, Lewis Hill, 1957. PRA1894

Poems of Marianne Moore read by Lewis Hill. AZ1471

Poems of Wallace Stevens part 1 and 2 read by Lewis Hill. AZ1479 and AZ1481

Five Poems of Robert Lowell read by Lewis Hill. AZ1483


Radio Art

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire / written by James B. Stetson ; read by Charles Levy, 1958. BB0096.02

Archbishop Oscar Romero last interview, 1987. AZ0401

Bob Fass in Chicago, with Phil Ochs and Abbie Hoffman, 1975. BC2849

The Carlin Case, interviews by Joe Cuomo and Mickey Waldman, 1978. IZ0115

The Changing Culture: From the Panhandle, 1971. BB5256

The Conventional Revolution, da. Unkown -PRA# SOS234Final Statement: Tribute to Ida Cox, 1968. BB3276

A Day in the Park / Narrated by William Malloch, 1969. BB4160

Experiment: Two Ideas / produced by Bill Butler and Bob Fass, 1962. BB3604

The Salton Sea Disaster, 1958. BB0096.01

A Talk with Harry Bridges, interviewed by Harold Winkler, 1959. BB0123

Winkler Acceptance of Peabody Award, 1963. BB1505

Frank Lloyd Wright at Berkeley, 1957. BB1972


Radio Plays


Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been?, 1973. BC1419

The Bald Saprano / Eugene Ionesco, 1967. BB4512

The Book of Hags / by Deena Metzger ; adapted and directed by Everett Frost, 1976. BC2920

The Bride of ESP / written and directed by Jim Armstrong, 1963. BB0925

Budenbrooks written and read by Alexander Scourby and introduced by Thomas Mann, 1959. BB1009

The Caucasian Chalk Circle / Bertolt Brecht ; produced by Bruce Gossard and Everett Frost, 1972. BC0910

Chicken Soup and Barley, 1963. BB0830

Dream of a Ridiculous Man / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; adapted by Erik Bauersfeld, 1967. BB5499

Istanbul Express, 1965. BB0926

Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton Trumbo adapted by Milton Hoffman and David Rapkin, 1972. BC0825.01-.02

Meeting of Minds / Steve Allen, 1969. BB2004

Meeting of Minds / hosted by Steve Allen, 1989. SZ0545

Panic in Salem: The Radio / produced by Tim Jerome and Charles Potter, 1974. BC2082

Poems of Richard Eberhart: Read by Lewis Hill. AZ1485

Rushdie Readings. Introduced by Susan Stone, 1987. AZ0893

"Section on a Soliloquy" On a poem by Robert Lowell / Lewis Hill. BB0962

The Singers Masque:  On a Poem by Wallace Stevens, circa 1950s. AZ1468

The City Wears a Slouch Hat by Kenneth Patchen, 1978. KZ0849

To Have Done with the Judgement of God, written and read by Antonin Artaud, 1968. BB2075

Ulysses by James Joyce adapted, produced and directed by Paul Vangelisti, 1979. KZ0794

The Undecided Molecule / produced by Ed Borgers, 1992. SZ0679.04


The Search: Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, 1991. KZ1721


Theater / Performance

Martin Esslin

The Theater of the Absurd Martin Esslin, 1966. BB0918

Marcel Marceau

Silent Outcry / Marcel Marceau interviewed by Morgan Upton, 1968. BB1831

Marcel Marceau Speaks with Gene Bruck, 1960. BB3636

An Interview with Marcel Marceau interviewed by Richard Schechner, 1970. BB3759

Steve Allen

Meeting of the Minds, narrated by Steve Allen, 1969. BB2004

Teevee Comedy Panel Groucho Marx and Steve Allen, 1961. BB5006

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce: A Profile / Albert Goldman, 1963. BB0382


Catonsville Nine / William Shallert / interviewed by Fred Hyatt, 1971. BC0212


Visual Arts

An Interview with Taylor Mead and Tom Hompertz interviewed by Claire Clouzot, 1968. BB5201

Educating Women Artists Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro interviewed by Claire Spark, 1971. BC0260

Siqueiros: Political Artist produced by Paul McIsaac, 1974. BC1734

Art in the Mexican Community / produced by Colin Edwards, 1963. BB0098.04

New Nihilism or New Art moderated by Bruce Glazer, 1964. BB3394

Theatre of the Balustrade of Prague, 1970. BB5046


Special Projects

Protests, Rallies, Demonstrations

Funded by the Ford Foundation, the Pacifica Radio Archives selected tapes of protests, rallies, demonstrations, and other public events which have not been auditioned or analyzed since their accession by PRA. The project allows a vast, untapped source of primary material to be identified, saved, publicized and made available to a diverse population of potential users, including the news media, documentarians, and others. (Completion date: December 31, 2006)

The following are examples of tapes preserved. Items marked with the protest icon are now available for online listening.

  Anti-War March and Rally in San Francisco, January 26, 1991.
Women for Peace Rally, Berkeley, California, 1961. [Archives #BB0567] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
  Rally at U.C. Berkeley in support of Professor Angela Davis, October, 1969.
  Demonstration at Mare Island. California shipyards against the construction of the Polaris Submarine. Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California, September 21, 1962
Freedom Now! Documentary on Civil Rights march in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963. Produced by Dale Minor and Chris Koch. [Archives #BB0385A, BB0385B] Listen to audio, Part I; Listen to audio, Part II. Read transcript, Part I (PDF format). Read transcript, Part II (PDF format).
  Human Rights march in San Francisco, California, 1964.
Adlai Stevenson, former presidential candidate, speaks in support of nominee John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the Democratic Party Rally, San Francisco, California, 1960. [Archives #BB1372.01] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
Adlai Stevenson, former presidential candidate, speaks in support of nominee John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Democratic Party at the Textile Workers Union Convention, Chicago, 1960. [Archives #BB1372.02] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
  Reies Tijerina speech at Peace and Freedom Party Rally, Richmond, California, 1968.
  Free Huey rally, Black Panther Party, Oakland, California, 1968.
  Rally in support of David Harris and Joan Baez, 1969.
  MLK Jr. memorial rally in Central Park, New York City, 1968.
Anti-war moratorium rally, Washington, D.C., 1969. [Archives #BB3743] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).


  Pro Vietnam War Rally sponsored by the Silent Majority Mobilization Committee, NYC, July, 1970.
Rally protesting maltreatment of migrant workers, Connecticut College. 1968. (Program title: Barbed Wire Man) [Archives # BB3885] Listen to audio.


  Labor / Student rally, Sacramento, CA, includes address by Governor Ronald Reagan, 1967.
A Night in Chicago: documentary on demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention, 1968. Produced by Elsa Knight Thompson. [Archives #BB2159] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
Rally for the Harrisburg 13, accused of conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger. Introduced by Father Henry Brown. New York City, March, 1971. [Archives #BB4264] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
Rally at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution protesting the holding of political prisoners in Vietnam and the United States, particularly Fathers Philip and Daniel Berrigan. August 18 [19?], 1971. [Archives #BB4362] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
  National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights October 14, 1979.
  No Nukes Rally, Washington D.C., 1979. Includes Barry Commoner, Jane Fonda, Sarah Nelson, Ralph Nader, Helen Caldicott, Dick Gregory, Jerry Brown, Ton Hayden, John Goffman, Grace Paley, Bella Abzug, Abbie Hoffman, William Winpisinger, and George Wald, 1968.
Democratic National Convention in Chicago. August 28, 1968. Includes Allen Ginsberg's address to demonstrators and the Chicago police. [Archives #BB4550] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).
Pro-Nixon rally, presidential campaign, Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1968. [Archives # BB3541] Listen to audio. Read transcript (PDF format).


Anti-Vietnam War Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond

Part of the UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project. To access recordings go to 

  • Confrontations on Berkeley Campus BC0301
  • Sproul Hall sit-in documentation BB2365A
  • Sproul Hall sit-in documentation sixty-eight BB2365B
  • Excerpt of live coverage of Vietam demonstration October 1965 BB2440
  • John Wells at a Noon rally in Berkeley BB1628
  • Vietnam Moratorium rally at UCB October 1969 BB2435
  • Is Draft Resistance the Answer? BB1766a
  • Is Draft Resistance the Answer? BB1766b
  • Marc Coleman's nonviolent attack on the Oakland draft center BC0494
  • Dr. Benjamin Spock in Berkeley  BB1631
  • Dr. Benjamin Spock BB2218.21
  • I.F. Stone on Vietnam BB2218.04
  • Eugene Burdick and Morris Hirsh BB5417
  • Norman Mailer at Berkeley BB1332
  • Norman Thomas BB2218.10
  • Paul Potter BB2218.11
  • Senator Ernest Gruening BB2218.06
  • U.C. Faculty Debate on Vietnam BB2218.12A
  • U.C. Faculty Debate on Vietnam BB2218.12B
  • Senator McCarthy at Berkeley BB1320
  • Tran Van Dinh addressing students in Berkeley BB2451
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Save Our Sound Tour

Iin April 2005, three PRA staffers and 150 master recordings traveled from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, with these objectives: tape preservation, community outreach, increased access and environmental education. More >>


The Pacifica Radio Archives Preservation & Access Project is funded (in part) by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, grants from the GRAMMY Foundation(r), The Ford Foundation, The Pacifica Foundation, supporters of the Pacifica Radio Archives, members of the Adopt-a-Tape program, and listeners to Pacifica Radio Stations, KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI, WPFW.