The lesbian in literature and other poems

Dramatic reading: "The Lesbian in Literature," and other poems. Recorded at WBAI-FM in 1975 by Chana (Karen) Wilson. Aired on "Radio Free Lesbian" on KPFA-FM in Berkeley in 1975. This recording has two separate dramatic readings of poetry and prose.

Mom's a dyke: interview with Gloria Wilson by Chana (Karen) Wilson

KPFA's Chana (Karen) Wilson's interviews her mother, Gloria Wilson. The two women are both lesbians, and the interview focuses on Gloria's coming to identify as a lesbian and the multiple psychiatric hospitalizations she endured to "treat" her depression and homosexuality.

The uncertain quest : the dilemmas of sex education (Series record)

The symposium "The Uncertain Quest - The Dilemmas of Sex Education" was produced by and held at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco and simulcast on KPFA on April 10 and 11, 1965. From the folio "This conference deals with the problems of the teenager in the mid-twentieth century.

Where it's at (series record)

"What It Is And Where It’s At" was a show introduced on KPFA on June 13, 1966 and ran through 1968. It was presented by the Drama and Literature department, with information and reviews on the immediate scene. Because of the timely aspect of the show, content descriptions are rarely available in the Folios.

Lesbian Express: Lesbian mothers (Part 2 only)

Lesbian Express presents a program on lesbian mothers. Issues concerning child-rearing, child custody cases involving ex-husbands, and the lack of support for mothers in the lesbian community are explored. This is part 2, part 1 is missing. Contains sensitive language.

A tribute to Madame Florence Foster Jenkins

A tribute to the satirical singing and recording art of Madame Florence Foster Jenkins (1868 - 1944). Prepared and presented by Melvin Jahn. Included are rare recordings of her singing; an interview with her accompanist, Cosmé McMoon from an RCA record; and a review of her press. Her final words: "Some say I couldn't sing, but no one can say I didn't sing."

Malvina Reynolds and Bill Schechner

Malvina Reynolds, folksinger, plays her songs live in studio for Bill Schechner and audience. Songs included on this reel: The Albatross; Turn Around; Little Boxes; The New Restaurant; Tokyo Farewell (aka Goodbye Joe). Reynolds talks to Schechner between songs about her songs, her hits, and how to order them. No dates on tape box, taken from program found in WBAI Folio.
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