Radio free Alcatraz - August 6 and 13, 1970

BB5457.37 - 08/06/70. 11:50. John Trudell. Alcatraz commentary. BB5457.38 - 08/13/70. 13:00. BB5457.41 - 2 min. Should not have been part of this series. This is a 2-minute news report by unidentified woman reporter on occupation of Mt. Rushmore.

Radio free Alcatraz - July 16, 23, and 30, 1970

BB5457.34 - 07/16/70. 6:30. Reports on water problems. Talks about the coming together of tribes in Minnesota, Ohio, and Chicago, AIM. Reads a 1935 poem written by Mohawk girl about "Ours" and America.

Radio free Alcatraz - June 11 and July 9, 1970

BB5457.32 - 14:41. 06/11/70. Recorded in studio at KPFA with Claude Marks. Talks about problems including cancellation of insurance on boat that was going to be used to bring out tourists.

Radio free Alcatraz - June 2 and 4, 1970

BB5457.28 - 10:13. KPFA's Claude Marks interviews the Coast Guard 06/02/70. Spokespersons report that fire burned down a number of buildings. This tape was once split into A+B, but there were duplicated reels. Denny Smithson comes in to give John a chance to tell story.
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