Majority report, January 21, 1982

Sherry Krynski and Ginny Z. Berson host Majority Report for January 21, 1982. Segments: 1. News wrap-up -- 2. Berson talks with Chris Carroll, station manager of WRFG in Atlanta, Georgia, and chairman of the Women's Advisory Committee of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) about women in public broadcasting -- 3.

Majority report, November 1981: Farming women

A report on women farmers in California. With the increase of mechanization and the decreasing availability of farmland and farming jobs, rural women have begun to find employment in nearby towns instead of on farms, but many women still tend the land and manage agricultural operations on small farms.

Women and nature / produced by Alan Soldofsky.

Poet and feminist Susan Griffin reads from her book of prose, "Woman and Nature: the roaring inside her" (Harper & Row, 1978). Griffin reads the sections Prologue, Gravity, The garden, Consequences (What always returns), The lion in the den of the prophets, Vision, and Erosion. The reading was recorded in November 1978 at Cody's Books in Berkeley, California.

Soviet lives (Series record)

William Mandel was a United Press expert on Russia in World War II and a post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford University in 1947. He taught at Syracuse, UC Berkeley, San Francisco, and San Jose State Universities, and Law School of Golden Gate University. Mandel visited the USSR nine times at the time of this series, including one year-long stay.

The Graduate on location / interviews by Claire Clouzot (Part 2 of 2)

Claire Clouzot caught several members of the cast and production of Mike Nichols' new film while they were chasing busses and visiting shops along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. On this program you will hear Miss Clouzot talking with producer Lawrence Turman, leading stars Katharine Ross and Dustin Hoffman, and sound man Jack Solomon (1913-2002).

The Graduate on location / interviews by Claire Clouzot (Part 1 of 2)

Mike Nichols takes time between scenes and during lunch to talk with Claire Clouzot about The Graduate, his second film. The final scenes were being shot on location in Berkeley, California in 1967, and in the background of the interview, recorded at the Theta Delta Chi fraternity house, are sounds of set construction, luncheon trays, and a pool table.

Science story

Science Story was a bi-monthly program dedicated to the demystification of science and medicine produced for KPFA in 1977 and 1978 by Laurie Garrett, KPFA's Science Editor, and Adi Gevins of the Public Affairs Department. The programs were engineered by Scott McAllister, Philip Maldari, Kevin Vance, Warren Van Orden, and Randy Thom.

The road to Wounded Knee

From February 27, 1973 to May 8, 1973, American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders, organizers, and supporters joined forces with Oglala Sioux and seized control of Wounded Knee, on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The occupation, led mainly by Russell Means and Carter Camp, was executed to protest the corrupt governance of Dick Wilson over Pine Ridge Reservation, and to urge the U.S.

Why Wounded Knee? (Part 2 of 2)

Documentary on the occupation of Wounded Knee by American Indian Movement (AIM) activists in 1973. The program examines the lives, problems, and struggles facing Native Americans. Produced by Peggy Berryhill and Avotcja Jiltonilro y Fasanmi. Part two.
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