Majority report, December 4, 1982: Barbara Christian

Barbara Christian (1943 - 2000) delivers a speech as part of the lecture series on "Gender, Race and Class in Society" sponsored by the Center for Research on Women (CROW) at Stanford University, April 1982.

Majority report, December 2, 1982: Tina Fishman, Bay Area women in music

Reyna Cowan and Pam Scola host Majority Report, December 2, 1982. Segments: 1. News wrap-up -- 2. Marci Lockwood reports on the case of Tina Fishman, member of the Revolutionary Communist Party who lost custody of her daughter to her ex-husband for what she maintains are her political beliefs; features interviews with Fishman and Paul Wolf, her lawyer -- 3.

Majority report, May 13, 1982: Hansberry, Mother's Day March, Studio W

Julia Randall and Ginny Z. Berson host Majority Report, May 13, 1982. Segments: 1. News wrap-up -- 2. A birthday tribute to playwright Lorraine Hansberry produced by Ginny Z. Berson; includes audio from a performance of her play "A Raisin in the Sun" and an excerpt from a TV interview with Hansberry by Mike Wallace -- 3.

Majority report, February 18, 1982: Shirley Chisholm and Maya Angelou #1

Sherry Krynski and Ginny Z. Berson host Majority Report for February 18, 1982. Segments: 1. News wrap-up -- 2. A report by NPR's Jo Ann Allen on Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (D-NY), who the week before had announced her retirement from politics, followed by an interview with Chisholm -- 3.
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