Women's News: April 15, 1976

Raw outtakes and heads from an unidentified woman musician performing at KPFA. Box description: "Women's News aircheck April 15, 1976. Ella II, heads" (difficult to read handwriting).

Women's News: September 11, 1975

Women's news and commentary for KPFA, September 11, 1975. Segments: 1. The radical feminist group Redstockings' charges that feminist activist Gloria Steinem was once involved with the CIA.

Meg Christian performs at Inez Garcia benefit concert (Parts 1 and 3 of 3)

Meg Christian performs at a benefit concert on June 10, 1976 to raise money for Inez Garcia, who was charged with the 1974 murder of a man who attempted to rape her. Christian performs the following songs: Reel 1: 1. Hello, Hooray Let the Show Begin; 2. Face the Music -- Annie Dinnerman (10:35); 3. Jill of All Trades -- Maggie Roche; 4. Nipper the Cat -- Meg Christian; 5. Mary B.

Tricia Alexander and Lori Noelle

Musicians Tricia Alexander and Lori Noelle, April 26, 1980. Blues is just a bad dream. Note on box: Return to Susan Sailow, KPFA

Phumzile Zulu interviewed by Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett interviews Phumzile Zulu at the 11th Annual People's World Banquet at Goodman's, Jack London Hall in Oakland, California, November 15, 1980. Phumile Zulu is a 23 year old South African woman living in exile in Morogoro, Tanzania. She was part of the Soweto Movement and was a prominent student leader at Zulu University in South Africa.

Joanna Brouk / Conch Shell: the Sea at Sunset (1973)

Joanna Brouk: Conch Shell: The Sea at Sunset (1973). Joanna Brouk was born in 1949 in St. Louis Missouri. She resides in Berkeley, California, where she composes electronic music and writes poetry. She produces a radio program on KPFA Radio incorporating music of a spiritual nature from many ethnic catagories as well as electric rock music. (see also AZ1132.07)

Everybody's Studying Us (Number 2)

Bea Frankel discusses San Francisco poet and playwright Irene Paull's book "Everybody's studying us: the ironies of aging in the Pepsi Generation." Bea talks with two people from the California Association for Older Americans, Helen Boelke [sp?], program coordinator, and Jack Kaufman, staff writer for the Association, about the organization, why they published the book, and

The Berkeley Women's Music Collective

The Berkeley Women's Music Collective in concert, recorded Winter 1975. Members of the group include: Susan Shanbaum, Nancy Vogel, Debbie Lempke, Nancy Henderson, and Bonnie Lockhart. Songs performed (Reel 1): 1. SF Bank Song -- Shanbaum (4:00); 2. Back to Boston -- Vogel (2:00); 3. Work Song -- Lockhart (3:30); 4. Harp Solo -- Shanbaum (2:30); 5. Janet's Song-- (6:50); 6.
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