Leways and the establishment in Chinatown (Episode 1 of 2)

Statements about the alleged police harassment of Leways, a non-profit, self-help youth organization in Chinatown. This recording contains prepared statements by Alex Hing, chief of staff of the Red Guard Party, and Ron Kanzaki, the chairman of Leways, Inc. Denny Smithson of KPFA also talks with Patsy Chan, a community worker in the Leways office. Audio drops out from 00:11:24 - 00:11:51.

Latvian women / William Mandel

Interview with a 36-year old woman of white formerly-tribal Livonian minority within Latvia, which is in turn a republic of the Soviet Union. Born into an extremely poor family of fisherfolks "bread was a holiday dish" (they lived on potatoes and a little fish). She now has a PhD and studies relationships people-to-people among socialist nations.

On the road to the 1980 Democratic National Convention.

Actualities -- Democratic Party Convention coverage. New York, 1980 (Aug.) Includes: Ron Dellums, Gene LaRoque, Bella Abzug, Leo McCarthy, Coretta Scott King, Jerry Brown, Phyllis Schlafly, Jimmy Carter, Majorie Phyfe, Harvey Milk, and the voices of several male and female reporters, including Brenda Wilson. Opens with recording of phone call that gets repeated twice.

He went and preached unto the spirits in prison : freedom of religion in American penal institutions (Episode 9 of 15)

The ninth in the 15-part series Bill of Rights Radio Education Project, co-sponsored by the Pacifica Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union, with major funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This episode is on prisoner's rights. Principal production by Amina Hassan; with associate producer Carol Jones; narrated by Brenda Wilson.
On box: Freedom of Religion in Prison. The Bill of Rights protects all citizens against government abuse of power in the matter of freedom of religion, of the press, of speech, and to a speedy and public trial. But what happens to these rights once a citizen is incarcerated in a state or federal prison?
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