Madeline Duckles interviewed by William Mandel

Interview with Madeline Duckles (May 19, 1916-Nov. 23, 2013), prominent Anti-Vietnam War Older-Generation activist (Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Women for Peace). She had just been to the U.S.S.R. on an invitation of their Soviet Women's Committee.

Women speak out against fascism (Episode 3 of 12)

A panel at the conference called by the Black Panther Party the weekend of July 18-20 in Oakland. Panel speakers are Roberta Alexander, Marlene Dixon, Evelyn Harris, Carol Henry, Penny Nakatsu, and Carol Thomas. Panel is introduced by Marie Johnson. Originally aired during KPFA's Open Hour, 1969-08-11.

Julia / by Lillian Hellman ; read by Helen Mickiewicz

A dramatic reading of "Julia" written by Lillian Hellman (June 20, 1905 – June 30, 1984). The story is contained in her book of memoirs entitled "Pentimento" published in 1973. Read by Helen Mickiewicz of KPFA.

Music of West Africa / Angela Davis.

Davis presents a social interpretation of Mandingo tribal music.|MUSIC OF WEST AFRICA / Angela Davis. SERIES: Angela Speaks. Angela Davis speaks on the music of West Africa, and presents a social interpretation of Mandigo tribal music. BROADCAST: KPFA, 26 Dec. 1977.

Samille Gooden interviewed by Angela Davis

Angela Davis speaks with Samille Gooden, president of local 1695 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), on Black women in the labor movement.

Dr. Lily Golden-Hanga / interviewed by William Mandel

Autobiographical interview in Moscow with Dr. Lily Golden-Hanga, a Black woman born in the U.S.S.R. of U.S. parentage; mother New York Jewish, father a Tuskagee graduate who in 1931 organized 16 Black Americans with knowledge of modern agriculture to teach it to the colored people of the Soviet Union. Dr.
The interview portion of this recording is the same as that found on AZ0438. AZ0438 is of better quality as well. While the interview portion is the same in both programs, each recording has unique introductions and listener call-ins.

A condemnation of sociobiology / Dr. Seymour Washburn ; interviewed by Laurie Garrett.

Dr. Seymour Washburn, professor of anthropology at University of California, Berkeley, attacks the field of sociobiology. Much of the speech focuses on a critique of E.O. Wilson of Harvard University, the chief proponent of the field of sociobiology, who wields evolutionary arguments to support the ascription of genetic bases to human behaviors.
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