Galicia, USSR / interview by William Mandel

Jewish woman describes her life in Galicia (formerly "Galitsia"), Ukraine and her experiences with Ukrainians during WWII; her husband, a Jewish man discusses his experience fighting in the Soviet Army in WWII. Other people present participate in the conversation with questions and comments.
Announcer introduces the program as Soviet Scene, but tape box is labeled Soviet Lives, both of which were series by William Mandel.

Blood ties / by Anica Mander ; produced by Michael Butler

Anica Vesel Mander (b. 1935 - d. 2002), feminist author and professor (2014 note: founded Women's studies department at New College of San Francisco), reads from her autobiography "Blood Ties, A Woman's History" (Moon Books and Random House, 1976) about the search for her own roots.

Central Asian woman interviewed by William Mandel

On the previous episode of Soviet Lives, William Mandel interviewed a 16 year-old girl at her home in Samarqand (AZ0355). Her family were friends of a Russian journalist, whom was also an associate of Mandel. The two journalists were invited to the family's home for dinner.
Tape box labels this program as an episode of the series Soviet Lives, but the KPFA Folio lists it as Soviet Scene.

Yelena Zeltin interviewed by William Mandel

William Mandel interviews, in English, Professor Yelena Zeltin of Moscow, speaking of her life: her parents were revolutionaries exiled to Siberia under Tsar, and Zeltin was thus born in Siberia; her mother is Jewish, her father Latvian. Her husband died as a result of World War II hardships. Very human, interesting life.
Previously attributed to the series "Soviet scene," another series by William Mandel.

Rickie Lee Jones / by Susan Sailow

Susan Sailow talks about Rickie Lee Jones' life and music. Program features her eponymous debut album on Warner Brothers Records; no interview. Produced by Susan Sailow.

Lesbians and alcoholism / produced by Karla Tonella

Host: Ann Noolen, Lesbian Task Force of the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women. Guests: Ann Worthington, Women's Alcohol Coalition; Celinda Cantu, Center for Feminist Therapy & Education; Bonnie Malcolm, Whitman Radcliffe Foundation; and musician Meg Christian, Olivia Records. Includes a song by Meg about her own alcoholism. Includes listener phone-in comments.

The International Hotel

For over fifteen years tenants of the International Hotel, primarily elderly Filipinos, struggled to defend themselves against eviction from their home. The issue reached dramatic proportions in San Francisco, with Sheriff Richard Hongisto going to jail for initially refusing to carry out the eviction and Mayor George Moscone risking an entire political career on the issue.

Suburban sadness / produced by Lili Francklyn and Robin Steinhardt.

"Suburban Sadness" was produced for the year 1952 in KPFA's thirty-year retrospective. Suburbia's housing developments and housewives, cars, televisions, drive-ins and Cold War anxieties are all discussed in the context of music from the early fifties. There is the story of a typical American family according to one journalist, and an analysis of suburbia by Prof.

Setting the stage, 1949 : enter the Cold War

The mood of the Cold War era is explored in interviews with Jessica Mitford, Helga Lohr-Bailey, and Billy Allan, three political activists of the forties and fifties. Produced as part of the KPFA thirtieth anniversary retrospective programming group. Interviews conducted by Helen Mickiewicz, Laurie Garrett, and Paul Allen. Produced by Helen Mickiewicz.
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