Sound poetry of Lily Greenham / with interview by Charles Amirkhanian

Lily Greenham (1924-2001) has made her reputation all over Europe as one of the most effective performers of sound poetry in live performance (as opposed to tape-recorded) situation. With a solid background in music (the Vienna Academy), a knowledge of eight languages, and a hard-headed women's rights lifestyle, she is a frequent attraction at international exhibitions.

Over a matter of eight little islands (Episode 2 of 2)

Documentary on a rally against Japanese colonization of the Tiao-Yu Tai islands off of the coast of Taiwan in St. Mary's Square in San Francisco's Chinatown, held by the Northern California Tiao-Yu Tai Defense League. Franz Schurmann (1926-2010), professor of sociology at University of California, Berkeley, provides context for the rally.

Women in the colonies. (Episode 2 of 3)

"Pa'lante" is a radio series by the Young Lords organization, an organization of activists dedicated to human liberation and the independence of Puerto Rico. This episode features women members of the Young Lords organization--Myrna Martinez, Iris Benitez, Iris Morales-Luciano, and Denise Oliver, discussing the social problems they face living in New York City.

Five of Los Siete

Five members of Los Siete de la Raza discuss their imprisonment for the killing of San Francisco policeman Joseph Brodnik on May 1, 1970 at a press conference at the San Francisco Hall of Justice in June, 1970. The men discuss their relation to other liberation movements like the Black Panther Party, the politics of their trial, and conditions inside prison.

Women dissidents and Ms. magazine / Tanya and William Mandel

On Ms. magazine and womens' conditions in the Soviet Union. Mandel begins the program by introducing controversy over the book Women In Soviet Society by Professor Gail Lapidus of University of California Berkeley and the articles by dissenter women who had been expelled by the Soviet Union, which appeared in the November issue of Ms. magazine.
Program was originally cataloged with the title Women dissidents and Ms. magazine / Tammy Brantford interviewed by Peggy Stein and William Mandel. This particular audio recording, however, does not feature Tammy Brantford or Peggy Stein, so their names have been removed from the title and keywords.

Gay moments in straight music / produced by Rudy Grillo.

A program on popular songs from the last seventy-five years featuring male-to-male and female-to-female vocals with direct or implied references to gay men and lesbians. With works by Marlene Dietrich, the Boswell Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, and Eddie Cantor. Produced by Rudy Grillo.

A blind blues street singer / Flora Molton ; interviewed by Natalie Reuss.

Interview with Flora Molton, blind blues street-singer of the Washington, D.C. area. Flora tells stories of her past, sings and plays slide guitar, and explains why she has chosen to be a performer of the street. Her band members include Ed Morris and Phil Wiggins. Natalie Reuss of Sophie's Parlor Media Collective conducts the interview.
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