Janice Giteck / produced by April McMahon

This program features an interview with American Composer Janice Giteck and selections from her musical works, L'ange Heurtebise and A'Agita (previously spelled Wi'igita). Giteck grew up in Tucson, Arizona and started playing piano at the age of five, composing at age six.

Katrina Krimsky / produced by Susan Sailow

This episode features the music of Katrina Krimsky, a Bay Area composer, musician, and teacher. Includes an in-studio interview with her. Produced and presented by Susan Sailow. Engineered by Joan Medlin. Music recorded by Tony Ferro, except for "Grace." Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council. Self-contained. Track list: 1. continuity -- 2.

A visit to the Stanford Primate Research Center / produced by Adi Gevins and Laurie Garrett

The Stanford Primate Research Center houses primates in a natural-like habitat and provides research in primate development and behavior, significantly female dominated social groups, in squirrel monkeys, rhesus monkeys, and chimpanzees. This is a documentary on the Center and includes interviews with director Dr. Seymour Levine and Dr. Christopher Coe.
Previously cataloged as AZ0043.

Fraud in the sciences / produced by Adi Gevins and Laurie Garrett (Episode 4)

An examination of fraud, fudging, and stretching the truth in the sciences. Includes interviews with Dr. Leon Kamin of Princeton University, who exposed the fraud of Dr. Cyril Burt (father of the genetic theory of intelligence), physicist Norman Milleron, anthropologist Dr. Laura Nader, and Dr. DeWitt Stetton of the National Institute of Health. Also contains a brief comedic sketch.

Environmental carcinogens / produced by Adi Gevins and Laurie Garrett (Episode 1)

Montage on the environmental origins of cancer, occupational health hazards, and the reluctance of industries to provide adequate safeguards against these hazards. Over 20 scientists were interviewed at a meeting of the American Cancer Society for this program, including Berkeley biochemistry professor Dr. Bruce Ames and immunologist Dr. Joel Schwartz.

The Opening of the flu season : a look at the preparations and repercussions of the swine flu vaccination program / produced by Adi Gevins and Laurie Garrett. (Episode 2)

Examination of the preparations and repercussions of the Swine Flu vaccination program. Contains a comedy sketch about the opening of the flu season, as well as interviews with researchers active in the Swine Flu controversy, such as Dr. James Chin of the California Health Department and Dr. Anthony Morris, formerly of the Bureau of Biologics of the National Institute of Health.
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