Rosie, the red riveter / William Mandel.

Inspired by viewing the documentary The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter, Mandel explores the topics of women in the workforce, women in typically male-filled jobs, and unions, contrasting the status of women in the United States with that of women in the Soviet Union. Linking of fight for women's rights in the work force with communism in America. Very end of program is cut off.

Women speak at the Democratic Convention

Sonia Johnson (Mormons for ERA) rallies for ERA ratification; Paulina Cardenas provides a personal account in favor of abortion and reproductive rights, especially as it relates to underprivileged people and people living at the poverty level.

Woman scientist interviewed by William Mandel

This episode of Mandel's focus on the Soviet Union begins with a lengthier introduction than usual. He then plays the interview with Vera Osipovna, a 70-year-old female scientist from the Soviet Union, who discusses her life from the revolution to becoming the head of a large research institute.

Elizabeth Huddle interviewed by William Mandel

American actress Elizabeth Huddle discusses impressions of Soviet audiences, theater people, and the country. Recording begins with an announcement from KPFA staff giving the time and place to meet for a march and rally called by lesbians and gays of San Francisco against the death penalty in response to the verdict of Dan White. Previously cataloged as an episode of Soviet Scene.

Interview with Ukranian woman manager / William Mandel

23rd Annual International Women's Day Broadcast in this series. Translated interview (English on one stereo track Russian on the other, balance makes English louder and clearer over Russian on sets without speaker control) with Svetlana Ivanovna, a 42-year-old female manager of clothing factory with 3800 workers in Ukraine (Slavic ethnic republic of USSR).

A Black Russian woman / with William Mandel

William Mandel and his wife conduct an interview in English with Dr. Lily Golden-Hanga, a Black Russian woman, born in Soviet Central Asia of United States parentage. Dr. Golden-Hanga was married to the first premier of Zanzibar, who was later killed in a coup in his country. Dr. Golden-Hanga did her Ph.D.
The interview portion of this recording is the same as that found on AZ0136.03. This version (AZ0438) is of better quality. The two programs have unique introductions and listener call-ins.

Kirghizian woman interviewed by William Mandel

First audio heard is William Mandel introducing the phone-in portion of the show (about 9 seconds), which is cut off and there is a brief news report on the PLO's relations with Syria and Cairo, reported by Russ Stetler for Internews. At 35 seconds, an unidentified speaker announces Soviet Lives with William Mandel.
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