Cuba and gays in Cuba : part one, 1976 / produced by the Fruit Punch Collective

Andy interviews Rebecca and Carlos, who have just returned from Cuba where they worked with Cubans and other North Americans with the Venceremos Brigade, about their experiences in Cuba's three larges cities, the oppression of gays in Cuba, and on the changing roles of men and women in Cuba. This is part one of the subseries Cuba And Gays In Cuba, 1976.

Without due process: the Constitutional rights of citizens and non-citizens (Episode 10 of 13)

This is the 10th in a series of 13 episodes. This documentary includes recorded testimony from hearings before the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, recorded proceedings of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) deportation hearings, a tour of Ellis Island, historic news stories, interviews, speeches, and music.
KPFA Folio notes: The history of discrimination in the application of such protected rights as freedom of speech, movement and ownership of property and a discussion of the process by which people are accepted or rejected as citizens.

Of God, land, and nation: Native American land claims and the Bill of Rights (Episode 7 of 13)

This is the 7th in a 13-part series. This program examines the historical, legal, and philosophical contexts of land rights battles. This program also uses illustrative cases and interviews with Native Americans, government officials, land rights attorneys, and actuality of Indian music and prayer.
KPFA Folio notes: Native Americans have found their lands taken without the compensation described as law in the Fifth Amendment. And since Indians consider their homelands to be sacred, these cases often involve First Amendment considerations. Who determines the best use for these lands—the Native Americans, the energy developers or recreational users?

Vietnam and Kampuchea / Judy Coburn interviewed by Dorothy Healey

Correspondent Judy Coburn reports on her trip to Southeast Asia and compares it with previous visits from 1972 and 1973. Topics discussed are the economy, the status of women and the lingering effects of American military presence. Features listener call-ins. This recording is an aircheck that started approximately one minute late.

Musicians of the Hitler era / David Platt.

Reactions of German musicians to Hitler s rise and anti-semitism.|MUSICIANS OF THE HITLER ERA / David Platt. - SERIES: Jewish currents presents Reactions of German musicans to Hitler's rise and anti-semitism. - BROADCAST: WBAI, 25 May 1981.

Abortion: women's liberation media project (Episode 5)

The fifth program of the Women's Media Project, produced by the Women's Liberation Media Project in San Francisco. In this program, women relate their abortion experiences, both in the United States and Cuba, in a discussion punctuated by music.
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