Jarvis-Gann alert

KPFA's Helen Mickiewicz produced this news program examining the bill cutting property taxes and services in California, known as Proposition 13. Cheryl McDonald examines how the Jarvis-Gann Amendment has adversely affected educational services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wendell Harper reports on the mass layoffs of public employees in Alameda County.

Moscone-Milk newscast

KPFA news broadcast from 27 November, 1978, which covered the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, as well as a story on the Jonestown Massacre, the defeat of Japanese Prime Minister Fukuta, and the Supreme Court ruling on journalists withholding information. Louis Freedberg, announcer.

The tracks of my tears: women on heroin / produced by Ginny Z. Berson

According to some sources, heroin use by women has tripled in the last decade. Why? Is "the life" different for women? What about recovery programs? Is the problem the illegality of heroin or the drug itself? This program was inspired by the book "Women on Heroin," by Marsha Rosenbaum. Ginny Z.

A Swedish social democrat / Birgitta Dahl interviewed by Sue Supriano

Birgitta Dahl, a social democrat and member of the Swedish Parliament for 13 years; interviewed by Sue Supriano. On making men equal to women in Sweden; the drive for humanizing society; the experience of child rearing. Recorded at the First International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada, November 1981. Previously cataloged as AZ0642.
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