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Political science.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0073 The Institution of the Fifth Republic of France / M. Jacques Soustelle.

Minister delegate to the French Republics Premier discusses the first stable French government...

KPFA, 10 Oct. 1959.
BB0074 The Political climate of West Germany / moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Panel comprised of Franz Breer, Sidney Akselrad, Hurst Duhnke, and Marshall Windmiller discuss...

KPFA, 23 Feb. 1960.
BB0889.05 Goethe and democracy / Thomas Mann.

Talk on Goethe's view of pragmatic democratic practices.|GOETHE AND DEMOCRACY / Thomas Mann...

KPFA, 2 May 1969.
BB1306.03 The Vocabulary of political theory / Weller Embler.

Professor of humanities at Cooper Union, New York, talks on evolving political thought in the...

KPFA, Aug. 1965.
BB1385.01-.03 Mother of Parliaments / produced by Colin Edwards.

Examination of the structure and workings of British Parliament, the oldest legislative body in...


r.1. The British House of Commons (50 min.) -- r.2. The British House of Lords (30 min.) -- r.3...


r.1. The British House of Commons (50 min.) -- r.2. The British House of Lords (30 min.) -- r.3...

KPFA, 11 Mar.-9 Apr. 1960.
BB1427 Revolution and the ideological conflict / Rodzinski and V.N. Nekrasov.

Two speeches on the intellectual challenge of revolutions.

KPFA, 9 oct. 1965.
BB1612 Political man / Seymour Lipset.

Talk on man's drive for political power.

KPFA, 20 May 1960.
BB1617 The Evolution of a conservative / Russell Kirk.

Talk on the conservative mind-set.

KPFA, 26 June 1959.
BB2000 The Sickness of America / Justice William O. Douglas.

Supreme Court Justice warns against both radicalism and conservatism in American political...

KPFA, 12 July 1962.
BB2432 The Pacific rim / Franz Schurmann, Barry Weisberg, Peter Scott, and Jacques Decornoy.

Panel on the Pacific situation and the role of the U.S. Government from Laos, to Alaska, to San...

KPFA, 18 Apr. 1970.
BB3197 Robert Kennedy : the Senator, the man, and the charisma / produced by Eleanor Fischer.

Examination of the life and political activity of Robert F. Kennedy.|ROBERT KENNEDY : THE...

WBAI, 8 June 1967.
BB3505 Some misplaced ideas on Democracy / Albert Szent-Byorgi.

Talk about misconceptions in American politics.|SOME MISPLACED IDEAS ON DEMOCRACY / Albert Szent...

WBAI, 12 July 1961.
BB3788.06 Conversation with Robert Allen / interviewed by Julius Lester.

Allen discusses the National Guardian.

WBAI, 9 June 1968.
BB3861.02 Philosophy of power / moderated by Basil A. Paterson.

Discussion of the basis for political power in the United States.

WBAI, 3 May 1963.
BB4162.01-.04 History and hope / by Michael Polyani.

Michael Polyani lectures from his book about modern nihilism and totalitarianism, History and...


r.1. The Destruction of reality (60 min.) -- r.2. The Realm of the unspoken (53 min.) -- r.3....

KPFA, 27 July 1964-30 July 1964.
BB4163.01-.10 Politics : the folklore of government / Speeches by C. Northcote Parkinson.

Series of lectures on political science by C. Northcote Parkinson.


r.1. Parkinson's law (50 min.) -- r.2. Political climate in the Far East (50 min.) -- r.3....

KPFA, 27 Apr. 1964-29 June 1964.
BB4827 Behind the scenes in politics / Drew Pearson.

Talk on political maneuvering in America's democratic system.

WBAI, 28 Dec. 1968.
BB5510 Dialogue on democracy : Yale reports / Pierre Mendes-France and David Calleo.

Discussion of democracy.|DIALOGUE ON DEMOCRACY : YALE REPORT / Pierre Mendes-France and David...

WBAI, 16 July 1964.
BC1322 Executive privilege.

Testimony by Attorney General Kleindienst and J. W. Fullbright before the Senate Committee on...

WBAI, 10 Apr. 1973.
BC2265 Love of anarchy / Stuart Christie ; interviewed by Judy Stephenson ; produced by David Thompson.

British anarchist discusses his views.

KPFK, 6 Feb. 1975.
IZ0164 Reflections concerning the causes of liberty and social oppression / by Simone Weil ; produced by Hannah Mackay and Wilhelmina Van Ness.

Reading of the classic essay in four parts.

WBAI, Apr. 1979.

Class Struggle (the board game) / produced by WBAI| hosted by Liza Meyerhaure| RECORDED: circa...

KZ1446.11 Norman Cousins : healing the person, healing the planet / interviewed by Sharon Almerigi.

Author discusses his knowledge of self-healing to a broader context: the planet earth. In...

KPFK, Dec. 1987.
KZ1476 Toward a saner state : on self-esteem / Jack Coufield ; interviewed by Barbara Dunlap.

Jack Coufield, a member of the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Social and...

KPFK, 7 June 1988.
KZ1632.04 The Functions of fascism / Michael Parenti ; produced by Blair Zarubick.

Professor Michael Parenti examines the notion of fascism as a single ideology, and places it in...

KPFK, 4 July 1990.
PZ0287.372 Democracy Now! July 23, 1997

Campaign Finance Abuses; Commerce Department; Police Brutality


(14 Minutes) Campaign Finance Abuses Democrats on the Senate panel investigating campaign...

July 23, 1997
PZ0287.373 Democracy Now! July 24, 1997

Campaign Finance Reform; Death Penalty; Cocaine Sentencing Disparity; Abortion Arson


(14 Minutes) Campaign Finance Democrats accuse Republican party during Campaign Finance Hearings...

July 24, 1997
PZ0287.374 Democracy Now! July 25, 1997

Campaign Finance Hearings; Inside the FBI; Gay Rights


(14 Minutes) Highlights from yesterday's Senate Government Affairs hearing on Campaign...

July 25, 1997
PZ0287.375 Democracy Now! July 28, 1997

Goodbye to Justice Brennan; Goodbye to Grandmother Goodman; Campaign Finance


Goodbye to Justice Brennan Look at life and career of Supreme Court justice William Brennan who...

July 28, 1997
PZ0287.378 Democracy Now! July 31, 1997

Tobacco Deal; Tobacco; Campaign Finance Abuse; Suicide Bombing; Cambodia


Tobacco Deal The Institute for Policy Studies and the Stakeholder Alliance have released a new...

July 31, 1997
PZ0287.390 Democracy Now! August 18, 1997

TV News; Russian Intelligentsia; Canned Hunting


(9 Minutes) TV News Research statistics regarding the media's increasing number of crime...

August 18, 1997
PZ0287.394 Democracy Now! August 22, 1997

Caribbean Community and Cuba; Chris Hani and the Truth Commission; Back to School


(14 Minutes) Caribbean Community and Cuba Leaders of the 15-member Caribbean Community hit back...

August 22, 1997
PZ0287.398 Democracy Now! August 28, 1997

Montserrat Volcano; Hawaii


(23 Minutes) Montserrat Volcano Soufriere Hills volcano erupted and now there is a political...

August 28, 1997
PZ0287.403 Democracy Now! September 4, 1997

Good Samaritan Law; Washington D.C. Control Board; Civil Rights Leader Kunstler Remembered;...


Good Samaritan Law Among the charges that the six phographers and a motorcyclist held in...

September 4, 1997
PZ0287.404 Democracy Now! September 5, 1997

Campaign Finance Abuse Hearings; Bounty Hunters; Wall Street and Public Education


(4 Minutes) Campaign Finance Abuse Hearings Hearings resumed yesterday. Testimony from 3...

September 5, 1997
PZ0287.406 Democracy Now! September 9, 1997

Albright Isreal Visit; Cassini Launch Revisited; In the Time of the Butterflies


(14 Minutes) Albright Israel Visit US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visits Israel to...

September 9, 1997
PZ0287.407 Democracy Now! September 10, 1997

Congo Human Rights; Mandatory Minimums; In the Time of the Butterflies


(14 Minutes) Congo Human Rights Congolese President Laurent Kabila sent a letter to UN Secretary...

September 10, 1997
PZ0287.408 Fast Track Trade; The Criminalization of Immigration; Bart Strike

(14 Minutes) Fast Track Trade President Clinton yesterday opened up a campaign to win special...

September 11, 1997
PZ0287.416 Democracy Now! September 23, 1997

Smithsonian Controversy; Nike and Human Rights Abuses; Korea


(14 Minutes) Smithsonian Controversy 46 members of Congress last wek wrote to teh Smithsonian...

September 23, 1997
PZ0287.417 Democracy Now! September 24, 1997

Congressional Pay and Ethics; Thalidomide; Wellstone


(14 Minutes) Congressional Pay and Ethics The House of Representatives moved to win a pay...

September 24, 1997
PZ0287.681 Democracy Now! September 29, 1998

Critical Resistance; What's Left of the Left in Germany and Russia;


(23 Minutes) Critical Resistance Part II Excerpts from the conference Critical Resistance:...

September 29, 1998
PZ0342.007 Democracy Now! October 9, 1998

Impeachment Inquiry; FBI Wiretapping


(36 Minutes) Impeachment Inquiry The House of Representatives voted yesterday for a presidential...

October 9, 1998
PZ0342.075 Democracy Now! January 15, 1999

Profile of Wisconsin House Prosecutor; Feminists Offer Alternative Trial; A Look at...


Profile of Wisconsin House Prosecutor Opening the case against the President was Representative...

January 15, 1999
PZ0342.083 Democracy Now! January 27, 1999

Impeachment-Studs Terkel; Multinational Monitor's 10 Worst Corporations of 1998; Chevron...


(14 Minutes) Impeachment - Studs Terkel GUEST: Studs Terkel, the Pulitzer-winning author talks...

January 27, 1999
PZ0342.094 Democracy Now! February 11, 1999

Chevron Under Fire; Sweatshop Reports


(23 Minutes) Chevron Under Fire The recent wave of repression and violence by the Nigerian...

February 11, 1999
PZ0343.038 The Labor Party

The Labor Party Today's guests will be discussing the Congressional Meeting of the Labor...

November 23, 1998
PZ0343.050 America's Neuroses about Sex

America's Neuroses about Sex writ large in Congressional and presidential politics. Is it...

December 22, 1998
SZ0290 Poet Gary Snyder / interviewed by Jack Loeffler.

Comparison of bio-regionalist theory, and contemporary anarchist thought. Also includes a...

SZ0728 Force and opinion : the new world order at home and abroad / Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky, noted MIT linguist and foreign policy analyst, speaks on the types of governments...


r.1. Speech (58 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (22 min.).

CSVPolitical science.