Democracy Now! October 9, 1998

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Democracy Now! October 9, 1998
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Impeachment Inquiry; FBI Wiretapping

(36 Minutes) Impeachment Inquiry The House of Representatives voted yesterday for a presidential impeachment inquiry authorizing an unrestricted probe that could range far beyond the fallout from Clinton's affair. GUEST: Bob Hennelly, journalist. GUEST: James Raskin, prof. of law. GUEST: Paul Robeson Jr., author of Paul Robeson Jr. Speaks to America (17 Minutes) FBI Wiretapping Without debate or notice, US lawmakers yesterday approved a proposal that would expand wirtapping authority - an idea Congress openly rejected many years ago. The provision makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to tap any telephone used by or near a person being targeted by the FBI, instead of getting authorization to tap specific phones. It was added to the IAC report during a closed door meeting and filed with the House and Senate on Monday. Neither the House nor Senate had included the provision, known as roving wiretap authority, in their versions of the intelligence bill. GUEST: Steve Kohn, first ammendment lawyer and Chairperson of teh National Whistleblowers Center.

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October 9, 1998
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October 9, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; October 9, 1998
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