Pacifica Radio Archives Election Primer 2016 MP3 Disc

Pacifica Radio Archives Election Primer 2016 MP3 Disc PZ0984 One MP3 Disc / 7 hours 2 minutes   Eugene Debs read by Norman Thomas, October 5, 1940 (13 min, from BC0401) Franklin Roosevelt - Second Bill of Rights - January 11, 1944 (5 min) Adlai Stevenson Campaign Speeches Pt 1 - September 27, 1960 (29 min, from BB1372.01) 

The Muhammad Ali Collection - 4 CDs

Total running time: 4 hours 5 minutes Disc One A Conversation with Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali discusses his life and philosophy with author and academic Julius Lester in this 1968 Interview.  29 minutes, from BB3788.01. Muhammad Ali

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, VOL 2

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, VOL 2   Anais Nin, The New Woman, 1974 Sylvia Plath program, 1973 Angela Davis, Black Women in America Audre Lorde, 1972 Jane Fonda at the San Francisco Film Festival Mrs. Sherri Finkbine Speech Sappho - A Reading Here She Is - The Making of Miss America

The Archivists' Circle

Join the Archivists' Circle, and we'll send you one of every gift offered during the 2015 History for the Holidays fund drive - 600 hours of historic audio recordings for your personal collection!

500 Hours of Digital Downloads

Password access to an exclusive collection of hand-selected historic recordings available anytime, anywhere for stream and download through your computer, tablet, and phone.  This includes all audio contained within the 90-hour 4gb USB drive offered at the $300 pledge level, plus much more.
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