The Muhammad Ali Collection - 4 CDs

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The Muhammad Ali Collection - 4 CDs
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Total running time: 4 hours 5 minutes

Disc One

A Conversation with Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali discusses his life and philosophy with author and academic Julius Lester in this 1968 Interview.  29 minutes, from BB3788.01.

Muhammad Ali

Legendary KPFA journalist William Mandel reads his 1978 interview with Muhammad Ali, which focuses on the Ali's observations of the Soviet Union from the perspective of an African American and a Muslim.  15 minutes, from AZ0391.

Voices of Pacifica: Muhammad Ali

This short audio collage details Ali's rise from Olympic Gold Medalist to World Heavyweight Champion to convicted felon to exonerated felon and back to champion again.  18 minutes, from PZ0300.13.

­Disc Two

Frazier and Ali

The two boxers speak with freelance sports writer Dave Wolf on March 7, 1971 - the eve before the "Fight of the Century" at New York's Madison Square Garden.  65 minutes, from BC0048.

Disc Three

Muhammad Ali at UCLA

Ali gives as speech in August 1968 to students during the resistance organized by the Students for a Democratic Society and the Associated Students.  43 minutes, from BB4667.

Disc Four

Say It Loud: New Songs for Peace

A blend of music and beats set to historic voices from the Pacifica Radio Archives, including Muhammad Ali, Gore Vidal, Angela Davis, Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks, plus many more.  Original music by David Gomez and Bulldog of Aztlan Underground.  78 minutes, from PZ0523.

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