The Alan Watts Collection - MP3 Discs

Alan Watts Library Edition MP3 Disc Set Archive Number: PZ0823.01-03 Description: Three compact discs in MP3 format This master collection includes the Way Beyond the West series and the famed Philosophy: East and West series, as well as special tributes produced after Alan Watts' death.   BB0527.01

The Encyclopedia of Sound (3600 hours)

This new compilation from Pacifica Radio Archives is the most expansive and diverse collection of historic audio recordings ever offered. Packaged as three 64 GB USB memory drives containing MP3 audio files. Voices that Change the World, Vol 1 (1300 hours) From the Vault, Volumes 1-6

The Dick Gregory Collection MP3 Disc

Dick Gregory is a comedian, social activist, and writer whose voice has been heard many times on Pacifica Radio's airwaves during the last six decades. This collection of recordings from Pacifica Radio Archives follows Gregory's trajectory over the years, and showcases not only his incredible wit and humor, but also his deep insight and commitment to important social causes.  
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