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Bob Dylan on Pacifica Radio MP3 Disc
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Bob Dylan on Pacifica Radio


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Pacifica Radio was a fixture in Bob Dylan's early career.  The legendary musician was in his early twenties - ambitious, brimming with talent and eager to experiment - and Pacifica Radio was a perfect fit for him.  Dylan graced WBAI 99.5 FM New York with his presence on numerous occasions to have some fun and share new songs and ideas with listeners.

Introducing Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan visits WBAI in 1962 with Broadside Magazine program host Izzy Young and guests Pete Seeger and Sis Cunningham.  This recording includes an early (and perhaps first) performance of a song then-titled "The Answer My Friend is Blowin' in the Wind."  (17 min, IZ0940)

Bob Fass with Bob Dylan, January 1966

Bob Dylan goofs around on Radio Unnamable with  Bob Fass, sometime in January of 1966. Fass and Dylan joke around in the studio and take listeners' calls.  (95 min, IZ1210a-b)

Bob Dylan and Cynthia Gooding

Cynthia Gooding invites Bob Dylan to her WBAI radio show Folksinger's Choice in March, 1962for a chat between live performances of his and other artist's songs, spinning some of his famous tales about his past. Dylan performs "Lonesome Whistle Blues", "Fixin' to Die", "Smokestack Lightning", "Hard Travellin'", "The Death of Emmett Till", "Standing on the Highway", "Roll on John", "Stealin'", "Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad", and "Baby Please Don't Go."  (59 min, IZ1211)

Bob Dylan Assorted Interviews 

A) Bob Dylan on the Billy Faier Show, 1962;

Dylan performs on the Billy Faier Show on WBAI, October 1962: "Baby Let Me Follow You Down," "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues," "The Death of Emmett Till," and "Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor."

B)  Bob Dylan on the Skip Weshner Show, 1963:

Dylan performs on The Skip Weshner Show on WBAI, February 1963: "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" (this recording only has the last verse), "Masters of Wars," and "Bob Dylan's Blues."

C)   Bob Dylan interview outtakes from "No Direction Home" (2000):
These interview selections by Jeff Rosen are outtakes from the Dylan documentary "No Direction Home."  Dylan recounts listening to the radio as a youth; entertainment in NYC, including his favorite rock n' roll performers at the time; hearing Leadbelly play; playing with Fred Neil at Cafe Wha? in NYC; the origins of "It Ain't Me, Babe"; going to see gospel shows; John Hammond introducing him to Robert Johnson and other blues artists; negative reactions to "Subterranean Homesick Blues;" his perception by British audiences; and Mary Martin introducing Dylan to the Band, at that time known as the Hawks.  (56 min, IZ1209)

Jon Wiener's Dylan Interviews

The Bob Dylan Interviews collection features KPFK host Jon Wiener talking about Bob and listening to his music with Dylanologists, music critics and historians, especially with critic Greil Marcus, author of the classic "Mystery Train", and historian Sean Wilentz, author of "Bob Dylan in America."  Topics include Dylan's new music, and the previously unknown Basement Tapes; Dylan's live performances, past and present, not only in the US but also in China and Vietnam; and Dylan's magnificent memoir, "Chronicles Volume 1."  From his youth in Minnesota to his recent renaissance, here is Dylan the sometimes-frustrating performer, the mysterious public figure, and the musical genius.  Extra added attraction: a hilarious show about Dylan's Christmas album.  (2hrs 19 min, from KZ4227a-b)

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