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Program Voucher: Choose any one-hour recording from the Pacifica Radio Archives onlne catalog, ranging from Malcom X to the Dali Lama, From Simone de Beauvoir to John Lennon, from Fannie Lou Hamer to "Remembering Stonewall.  The catalog includes interviews, performances, lectures and documentaries.

WBAI Audio Sampler MP3 Disc

WBAI Audio Sampler MP3 Disc - $50.00 PZ0972 One MP3 Disc / 11 hours 1.  FTV 112 George Carlin on Pacifica Radio, 1970-1997 2.  FTV 133 Les Paul - live from the Iridium club, 2008 3.  FTV 141 The Village Gate - Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner, Amani and Amiri Baraka, and Village Gate founder Art  D'Lugoff

WBAI Special Collection 4 GB Jump Drive

WBAI - SPECIAL COLLECTION JUMP DRIVE SEPTEMBER 2015 Archive number: PZ0971   WBAI Women's Programs   IZ1460 ERA countdown with Bela Abzug and others 1981 IZ1462 Three Women Painters 1972 Ann Sutton IZ1463 Women and Family in America The revolution to the Present

Best of the San Francisco Film Festival Compilation MP3 Disc

Best of the San Francisco Film Festival, Volume 1 MP3 Disc One MP3 Disc / 8 hours 8 minutes These historic recordings were recorded at the venerable San Francisco Film Festival, one of the longest-running film festivals in the world. Bette Davis, 1969 Max Von Sydow, 1972 Ruth Gordon, 1973 Liv Ullman, 1973 Truman Capote, 1974

Anaïs Nin Collection - MP3 Disc

MP3 Disc / 9 hrs 4 min Anais Nin at the University of California Berkeley, 1971 Writer and diarist Anais Ninanswers questions from audience members at UC Berkeley, touching on topics such as art, liberation, her diaries and other writings, acceptance from the establishment, and feminism.  (from AZ1220, 30 minutes)

Black History Month February 4gb USB Jump Drive

A) AUDIO (33 files, total running time: 33 hours)   Content: 01  The Black Panther Party - Bobby Seale and Huey Newton Bobby Seale and Huey Newton were the original founders of the Black Panther Party. (1:18:59) 02  The Black Panther Party - H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, and Eldridge Cleaver

Martin Luther King, Jr. Special Collection MP3 Disc

MP3 Disc / 8hrs 40 min 1.  On The Power Of Peaceful Persuasion (June 24, 1957); 45 min, from BB0115 2.  The Future of Integration (June, 1961) - 38 min, from BB3598 3.  We Want to be Free (Freedom Rally, May 26, 1963 - 23 min, from BB4745a-b 4.  The Dimensions of a Complete Life (January, 1962) - 35 min, from BB4438

Campus Campaign Volume 5

Item: 4 GB Jump Drive / MP3 format audio files Running time: 100+ hours Campus Campaign Volume 5 features episodes of From the Vault and special selections from the Pacifica Radio Archives: From the Vault: Season 8 and 9 (2013/2014) (50 hours)
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