KPFA Evening News: a KPFA aircheck from Oct. 29, 1981. produced by Aileen Alfandary and Mark Mericle

The News: a KPFA aircheck from October 29, 1981 / produced by Aileen Alfandary and Mark Mericle. Broadcast: Berkeley: KPFA, October 29, 1981.
Stories reported: United States economy plunge; President Reagan's approval rating; Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization strike (Tim Frasca reporting from Washington, D.C.); Three new unions created in California: the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the California Correctional Officers Association, and the Psych Tech Union (Charlie Strong intervi
Previously cataloged as Women and health in Puerto Rico / Gail Anna Rivera ; interviewed by Sue Supriano, with this information: From the first International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada; contains music. Recorded in Grenada, Nov. 1981. Broadcast KPFA, Jan. 1982. Duration 8 minutes.

The murders of the children in Atlanta / produced by Damali Cruz and Khensu-Ra

The program is divided into 3 sections. It begins with a chronology of the events around the murders and disappearances of Atlanta's youth since 1979. The psychological effects of the murders on the children in Atlanta's communities is discussed. And the final section explores some of the theories around who is responsible for the murders.
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