Noam Chomsky on the New World Order.

Noam Chomsky, noted MIT linguist and spokesperson on international relations, speaks on the direction of United States foreign policy following the defeat of Iraq. He discusses the United Nations peace keeping role, the U.S. dominance of the United Nations, a peculiar U.S. view of international affairs, the role of force or peace in international justice, the weakness of the U.S.

Veterans benefits question : if the war continues / Curtis Lang.

Curtis Lang, journalist for the Village Voice, speaks about the present and future costs of the war with Iraq, 1990-1991. He points to the stated President Bush policy of cutting defense spending while there is a war going on, the monetary cost of waging war, that veteran benefits could cost %300 more than the actual war. He argues that the war will not effect the decline in the U.S.

Bush's military presidency / Ramsey Clark.

Speech by Ramsey Clark, former Defense Secretary. He traces the evolving military philosophy of President Bush, from the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan up to the U.S. lead war against Iraq in 1991. In 1980 Bush began discussion of a winnable nuclear war, in which the U.S. could inflict greater damage than it would recieve.
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