Israel : yesterday and today / Noam Chomsky ; interviewed by Larry Bensky.

Noted linguist and scholar of international relations speaks about his experiences growing up in Israel, and the current state of the society and its politics. Chomsky tells of growing up on a Kibbutz in the early 50's, the dominant role of East German immigrants, the potentials for Arab-Jewish cooperation.

Looking on the bright side of life / Alexander Cockburn.

Talk which points out that leftiests are too pessimistic, for they only look for the bad news in the headlines. We do need to look at the brighter side of events. He examines developments in Poland and Africa to see how things have changed, both for good and bad, during the 1980's.

The Radio bridge : I / hosted by Aleksei Glibenko and Ray Couture.

Panel discussion between Soviet and Americans. Soviet participants include: Igor Philin, Secretary of the Soviet Peace Committee; Alan Kubatiev, Associate Professor Kiergev State University; Leonid Smitnogin, Associate Professor of GeographyMoscow University; Andrei Bogdanov, radio journalist VolgagradRadio/TV; Sergei Serovikin, psychiatrist from Kasan Tartar Republic.

Daniel Sheehan at Berkeley.

Sheehan, head counsel for the Christic Institute, discusses the status of their court cases involving government officials who were involved in the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages trade, as well as the illegal military aid to the NicaraguanContras.|DANIEL SHEEHAN AT BERKELEY.

The La Panca bombing and the secret network / Martha Honey.

Talk before the Christic Institute on the roll of JohnHull, Robert Owen and Oliver North in Costa Rica's terrorism against Nicaragua. She particularly focuses upon their involvement in the bombing of journalists in La Panca, CostaRica.
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