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The Dick Gregory Collection MP3 Disc
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Dick Gregory is a comedian, social activist, and writer whose voice has been heard many times on Pacifica Radio's airwaves during the last six decades. This collection of recordings from Pacifica Radio Archives follows Gregory's trajectory over the years, and showcases not only his incredible wit and humor, but also his deep insight and commitment to important social causes.


Ralph Gleason Interviewing Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory discusses his participation in the Civil Rights Movement with San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ralph Gleason at the KPFA studios in Berkeley on May 25th, 1963, shortly after Gregory's arrival from Birmingham, Alabama - where he had been arrested for "parading without a permit." (54 minutes, from BB0826)


We Want To Be Free (excerpt)

Dick Gregory lays down a short but hilarious routine on race differences to a energetic crowd at the freedom rally held on May 26th, 1963 at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles - joking with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Muhammad Ali, among others, who sit onstage. (13 minutes, from BB4745a)


C.O.R.E.'s 24th National Convention - June 30th, 1967 (excerpt)

Dick Gregory speaks on the need for self-identity among Black Americans, white supremacy, and social injustice at the opening of the 24th Congress of Racial Equality National Convention at the Oakland Arena. (46 minutes, from BB1323a)


Fasting Dick Gregory Entertains (Parts 1 & 2)

Dick Gregory, on the fifteenth day of a forty-day water fast, speaks to over 3000 students at the University of Texas on December 12th, 1968 - his subjects include the Vietnam War, the draft, the cigarette industry, the press, the future of America, and more. (122 minutes, from BB4090a-b)


Dick Gregory: Citizen of this Great Turtle Island

Actress France Nuyen and Craig Carpenter, a messenger between the traditional Native American nations of the United States, discuss racism and the plight of Dick Gregory, who was arrested, convicted, and jailed for fighting for Native American fishing rights on Great Turtle Island in Washington State. Recorded in 1968. (39 minutes, from BB4585)


Dick Gregory (A Philosophical Talk)

Dick Gregory gives a heady yet humorous speech in 1970 building on the idea of "moral force" - how the youth of America wielding this force are bringing repression from the Nixon Administration (and government in general) upon themselves; and how repression is more of a detriment to the repressor than the repressed. (88 minutes, from BB4322a-b)


An Evening with Dick Gregory and Politics

Dick Gregory pokes fun at Richard Nixon, the CIA, and just about everything else in this classic standup comedy routine from 1974. (58 minutes, from BC1816)


Dick Gregory Speaks Out

Dick Gregory talks about the CIA's brainwashing of children, media manipulation, the war in Kuwait, mind control, the O.J. Simpson trial, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more in this recording from October, 1995. (71 minutes, from KZ2190)


Dick Gregory Speaking at the Beebe Memorial Cathedral in Oakland, CA

The wit and wisdom still flows strong at 79 years of age in this 2011 address, as Gregory explores a wide range of contemporary issues such as the Obama legacy, religion in America, the politics of sports and troubled athletes, and suburban America, while still paying homage to the Civil Rights Movement and its leaders. (79 minutes, from AZ1505)


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