Righteous but compassionate

An interview with Steve Stacey and Ron Landberg of the Good Earth Commune in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. They discuss the Haight-Ashbury as it is today, as well as the evolving ""hip"" lifestyle and its philosophy. The interviewer is Al Silbowitz.

The battle for People's Park revisited (Episode 8 of 8, Part 1 of 2)

On May 30, 1969 there was a massive, peaceful march through Berkeley in which people from all over California and from other states as well participated to show their support for the user-developed People's Park. This program examines the last two weeks of May 1969 and asks "Why did it happen?"and "Where are we one year later?".

Teach-in on the implications of People's Park (Episode 7 of 8, Part 1 of 2)

On May 28, 1969, two weeks after the first street fighting in connection with People's Park, there was an all-day teach-in entitled "The Politics of Ecology" at Lower Sproul Plaza on the University of California, Berkeley campus, which was broadcast live on KPFA. Speakers addressed themselves to various aspects of the Park - urban planning, ecology, politics.

Barbara Garson on MacBird / interviewed by Jack Weinberg

Barbara Garson discusses her controversial play, MacBird, with Jack Weinberg. The conversation was recorded at KPFA during Mrs. Garson's recent return to Berkeley for the opening of her play at the New Committee in San Francisco on April 4, 1967. An episode of Where It's At, March 22, 1967. Previously cataloged as BB2111.

Yvonne Donjay interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Herbert Feinstein interviews Yvonne Donjay, one of the foremost topless dancers in San Francisco. Donjay discusses her Persian background, aspirations for becoming a serious actress, and the hangups of her trade.

Feinstein and Sarah Vaughan

The distinguished jazz and ballad singer with the three-octave range, Sarah Vaughan, when appearing in February at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, discussed her career with Professor Herbert Feinstein—from amateur night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, through early days with Earl Fatha Hines, Billy Eckstine and John Kirby, to her most recent international successes.

Carol Doda interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Herbert Feinstein talks with Carol Doda, former topless queen of North Beach, who is starring as Miss Sadie Thompson in a play based on W. Somerset Maugham's short story "Rain." Doda discusses her past (including silicone injections) and her future plans for non-topless nightclub work.

Billie Dixon interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Mr. Feinstein interviews actress Billie Dixon, who performed Jean Harlow in Michael McClure's play The Beard. Recorded September 1, 1967 in the green room at the Encore Theater, San Francisco, California. They discuss her and her cohorts' arrests for "lewd conduct in a public place" during her performance in The Beard.

Julie Newmar interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Julie Newmar is interviewed by Herbert Feinstein on the set of Mackenna's Gold, Columbia pictures 8/21/67. Miss Newmar won the Antoinette Perry Award for her role as a fertile Swedish girl, on Broadway, in The Marriage-Go-Round. She plays Hesh-ke, a silent Indian maiden (no lines) in Carl Foreman's new epic of the West. Gregory Peck, good guy; Omar Sharif, bad guy.
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