Lotte Eisner interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Prof. Herbert Feinstein talks with Lotte Eisner (1896-1983), curator of the Cinematheque of Paris, about the arts, methods and politics of collecting and preserving film classics at the Cinematheque, whose state subsidy was recently abolished by Andre Malraux.

Rita Morrison interviewed by Herbert Feinstein

Dr. Herbert Feinstein talks with Rita Morrison, the Los Angeles producer of Chaim Soutine, a short film based on the life and works of the Lithuanian-French Jewish painter. The film won the Lion d'Or for best documentary at the 29th Venice Film Festival.

Kashiko Kawakita / interviewed by Herbert Feinstein.

Herbert Feinstein interviews Japanese film importer, producer and curator Kashiko Kawakita (1908-1993) in Venice, Italy during the time of the 1968 Venice Film Festival. Kawakita heads Towa Trading, which produces low-budget art films, and runs a number of art film houses in Japan as well.

Lenore Kandel and Stephen Vincent; introduced by Dave Gitty

POETS THEATRE / Lenore Kandel and Stephen Vincent read their own work. Miss Kandel also reads a statement of poetics and Mr. Vincent reads a selection from a novel by Babatunde Lawal, a young Nigerian author. Recorded as part of the weekly poetry series at the Straight Theater in San Francisco. David Gitin is the emcee. BROADCAST: KPFA, 17 September 1968. Contains sensitive language.

Huckleberry's for runaways

Reverend Larry Beggs, director of Huckleberry's for Runaways, talks with Elsa Knight Thompson about the work of his organization, which helps teenage runaways, through their own problem-solving and decision-making powers, to return home with dignity and without police pickup and incarceration.

Cops and robbers II: Transsexuals and the police

Three transsexuals discuss police problems and their work as members of C.O.G., Conversion our Goal, with Police Community Relations Officer Elliot Blackstone of the San Francisco Police Department. Herb Kutchins of the San Francisco Bail Project moderates.
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