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African Americans

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0147 Samille Gooden interviewed by Angela Davis

Angela Davis speaks with Samille Gooden, president of local 1695 of the American Federation of...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination, American Women -- Work and unions KPFA, January 23, 1978
AZ0478 Kwame Toure at U.C. Berkeley / produced by Don Foster.

Speech by Toure, former Black power leader Stokely Carmichael.

KPFA, May 1980.
AZ0676 Alice Walker : the color purple / produced by Laurie Udesky and Corless Smith.

This program contains an interview, a speech, and readings from Alice Walker's book, "...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFA, Sept. 4, 1982.
BB2129 Eldridge Cleaver.

Cleaver explains the events which lead up to his imprisonment.

KPFA, 31 May 1968.
BB3297 The Negro in American culture.

An outstanding panel on Black perceptions of the American setting in art, mainly literature and...

WBAI, 10 Jan. 1961.
BB4050.01 The Fourth estate : interviews with James Forman and Dr. B. Watkins.

James Forman of SNCC and author of Sammy Young, Jr.. Gerald Fraser, N.Y. Times, Ted Poston, N.Y...


r.1. James Forman / interviewed by Gerald Fraser, Ted Poston, and Lennox Raphael (30 min.) -- r....

WBAI, September, 3, 1969
BB4247 Black awareness (Series record)

Black Awareness was a “Perspective” or "Commentary" series which aired on WBAI in New...

WBAI, May 1970 through at least August 1973
BB4293 Eldridge Cleaver interview.

Talk with member of the Black Panther Party who fled the United States following a confrontation...

WBAI, 29 May 1970.
BB4308 Eldridge Cleaver at N.Y.U.

Talk about efforts to achieve equality for Blacks in the United States. Black Panther Party.


Reel 2 is missing.

WBAI, 12 Oct. 1968.
BB4680 Panther raid.

Special report on the early morning raid on the Black Panther headquarters,[ Los Angeles?,...

KPFK, 8 Dec. 1969.
BB5544 Eldridge Cleaver Speaks

Eldridge Cleaver Speaks| Recorded on September 10, 1968. - CONTENT: Eldridge...

BC0047 Odetta / interviewed by Celestine Ware.

African American folk, blues, jazz and spirituals singer Odetta (1930-2008) discusses her life...


Listen to a clip:


American Women -- Music and musicians, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFA, 20 May 1971; WBAI, 27 May 1971
BC0153 Stokely Carmichael at Whittier College : from Black power to pan-Africanism.

Discussion of Blackpolitical activity.

KPFK, 22 Mar. 1971.
KZ1945 Sex, lies, and Civil Rights : the life and work of Ida B. Wells / Paula Giddings.


KPFK, 1993.
KZ2232B Black Panther Legacy : Part 2 : Eldridge Cleaver

Black Panther Legacy : Part 2 : Eldridge Cleaver / Ralph Cole, Justice Vision| Roy E. Tuckman...

KPFK, April 20, 1995
PZ0287.376 Democracy Now! July 29, 1997

Prison Riot; Blacks and Jews


(14 Minutes) Prison Riot Discussion on riot at the Mohawk Correctional Institution in Rome, NY...

July 29, 1997
PZ0287.399 Democracy Now! August 29, 1997

Police and Racism; David Bradley


(33 Minutes) Police and Racism Update on Abner Louima police brutality case. Thousands expected...

August 29, 1997
PZ0287.410 Democracy Now! September 15, 1997

Black Caucus Legislative Weekend; Weld Hearing; Zapatistas


(14 Minutes) Black Caucus Legislative Weekend Report on the opening of the 27th annual...

September 15, 1997
PZ0287.411 Democracy Now! September 16, 1997

Amnesty International and the UN; Black Legislative Caucus Weekend; Campaign Fundraising...


(14 Minutes) Amnesty International and the UN For the first time, Amnesty International made a...

September 16, 1997
PZ0287.414 Democracy Now! September 19, 1997

Cuba Bombings; University of Texas; Nuclear Waste Dump


(14 Minutes) Cuba Bombing The Cuban government arrested a Salvadoran man in connection with a...

September 19, 1997
PZ0287.664 Democracy Now! September 4, 1998

Rwanda; Million Youth March; March Continued -Issues/Media; Leadership


(2 Minutes) Rwanda (12 Minutes) Million Youth March Sept. 5 youth are expected to gather in...

September 4, 1998
PZ0287.668 Democracy Now! September 10, 1998

Million Youth March


(50 Minutes) Million Youth March In the week since the New York City police were depolyed to...

September 10, 1998
PZ0287.675 Democracy Now! September 21, 1998

Death of Environmentalist in California; White Releases Report on Race Relations


(14 Minutes) Death of Evironmentalist in California David Chain, 24, a member of the radical...

September 21, 1998
PZ0287.679 Democracy Now! September 25, 1998

Critical Resistance; King Leopoldus Ghost;


(14 Minutes) Critical Resistance Focus on the conference; Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison...

September 25, 1998
PZ0287.680 Democracy Now! September 28, 1998

Critical Resistance


(Entire program) Critical Resistance Beyond the prison-industrial complex. Excerpts of speeches...

September 28, 1998
PZ0300.30 Henry Louis Gates

Dr. Henry Louis Gates has transformed Harvard's Afro-American Studies Department into a...

PZ0300.54 Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Legendary historian and author discusses his life, his influences and the importnace of...

PZ0300.56 Cornell West

Professor of philosophy and Afro-american Studies at Harvard University gives the keynote...

PZ0300.60 Angela Davis - Blues, Legacies and Black Feminism / Last Poets

(38:00)Activist and author discusses her latest BOOK: BLUES, LEGACIES AND BLACK FEMINISM at...

PZ0341.170 The Prison Industrial Complex

The Prison Industrial Complex While crime statistics have been going steadily down, the number...

September 24, 1998
PZ0342.009 Democracy Now! October 13, 1998

Activists Plan to Sue Chevron; Africans in America


(33 Minutes) Activists Plan to Sue Chevron Lawyers for Nigerian Himan rights activists are...

October 13, 1998
PZ0342.013 Democracy Now!

The Psychological Alienation of Black America; Interview With Joan Jara


(33 Minutes) The Psychological Alienation of Black America In a speech before his death two...

PZ0342.016 Democracy Now! October 22, 1998

A Great and Mighty Walk--The Life and Work of John Henrik Clarke--Part I; Stolen Lives: A...


(33 Minutes) A Great and Mighty Walk--The Life and Work of John Henrik Clarke A recent...

October 22, 1998
PZ0342.017 Democracy Now! October 23, 1998

A Great and Mighty Walk--The Life and Work of John Henrik Clarke--Part II


(50 Minutes)A Great and Mighty Walk--The Life and Work of John Henrik Clarke--Part II A recent...

October 23, 1998
PZ0342.020 Democracy Now! October 28, 1998

A CIA State in the Middle East; Clean Money for Clean Elections; Race in the Races


(14 Minutes) A CIA State in the Middle East Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced...

October 28, 1998
PZ0342.027 Democracy Now! November 6, 1998

U.S. Options After U.N. Iraq Resolution; Jefferson's Emancipation; Presidential Task Force-...


U.S. Considers Options After U.N. Iraq ResolutionU.S. has signaled that it plans to move ahead...

November 6, 1998
PZ0342.038 Kwame Ture Remembered

(55 Minutes) Kwame Ture Remmebered From Freedom Rider to SNCC Chariman, Black Panther to Pan-...

November 23, 1998
PZ0342.045 Democracy Now! December 2, 1998

Perjury Inquiry; Wal-mart; John Brown Anniversary


(14 Minutes) Perjury Inquiry The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to expand its...

December 2, 1998
PZ0342.054 Democracy Now! December 15, 1998

William Rehnquist and Civil Rights; Law Clerk Hiring Controversy; Edward Lazarus Interview


(11 Minutes) William Rehnquist and Civil Rights He is the country's highest judge, the man...

December 15, 1998
PZ0342.066 Rehnquist's Impeachment Gavel; Race and Corporate Law World

(14 Minutes) Rehnquist's Impeachment Gavel Supreme Court Chief William Rehnquist will...

January 4, 1999
PZ0342.070 Democracy Now! January 8, 1999

Chief Justice William Rehnquist and His Gold Stripes; Snitches and Mandatory Sentencing


(6 Minutes) Chief Justice William Rehnquist and His Gold Stripes A look at the gold braids on...

January 8, 1999
PZ0342.076 Democracy Now! January 18, 1999

KKK Cancels MLK Day Rally; Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam


KKK Cancels MLK Day Rally More than 300 people assembled Sat. on the Capitol steps in Madison,...

January 18, 1999
PZ0342.085 Democracy Now! January 29, 1999

Mumia Concert Stirs Huge Outcry: Why?; Colombia Earthquake; A Pocket Guide to Environmental Bad...


Mumia Concert Stirs Outcry: Why? Despite angry criticism by the governor of NJ and law...

January 29, 1999
PZ0342.088 Democracy Now! February 3, 1999

Jackson Capital Center, Inc.; Kwame Ture Speech on FBI, CIA and MLK, Jr.


Jackson Capital Center, Inc. In the 1930's, 40's and 50's, Mississippi;s...

February 3, 1999
PZ0342.090 Democracy Now! February 5, 1999

The Passing of King Hussein of Jordan; Amos Wilson: the Impact of the Media on the African...


The Passing of King Hussein of Jordan The Passing of King Hussein of Jordan Moments after a...

February 5, 1999
PZ0342.100 Democracy Now! February 19, 1999

Jasper; Woodfox; Interview about Herman Wallace


(14 Minutes) Jasper Today is the third day of the murder trial of white supremist John William...

February 19, 1999
PZ0342.101 Democracy Now! February 22, 1999

Jasper; Malcolm X; Caragena Bio-Safety Conference; UK Controversy Over Genetically Engineered...


Jasper An update on the murder trial of Bill King, a white supremist accused of dragging an...

February 22, 1999
PZ0342.102 Democracy Now! February 23, 1999

Jasper Trial Goes to Jury; Bloated Pentagon Budget; Delayed Justice


Jasper Trial Goes to Jury It was one of the most shocking crimes in recent years--the brutal...

February 23, 1999
PZ0342.103 Democracy Now! February 24, 1999

Sentencing Phase of Jasper Trial Begins; Chevron Linked to Violence in Nigeria; Nigeria Human...


Sentencing Phase of Jasper Trial Begins After a week of hearing gruesome testimony and examining...

February 24, 1999
PZ0342.105 Democracy Now! February 26, 1999

Jasper Trial; Africa Trade Bill; Mumia Town Meeting


Jasper Trial John William King, the white supremacist convicted of dragging James Byrd to his...

February 26, 1999
PZ0343.001 D.W.B.-Driving While Black

D.W.B. Driving While Black --and other associated phenomena. African Americans compose 14% of...

October 1, 1998
PZ0343.006 The Birth of Bebop

Rebroadcast of 7/17/98 The Birth of Bebop We will be thinking abouth early jazz and how the...

October 8, 1998
PZ0343.014 Alice Walker

Alice Walker Pulitzer prize winning author Alice Walker, whose works have touched countless...

October 20, 1998
PZ0343.023 Beloved

Beloved An open call-in discussion about the recent movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning...

November 2, 1998
PZ0349.00 Building Bridges: Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Interview

A fascinating interview with black artists/social visionaries, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, who...

December 21, 1998
CSVAfrican Americans