Black Panther Legacy : Part 2 : Eldridge Cleaver

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Black Panther Legacy : Part 2 : Eldridge Cleaver
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Black Panther Legacy : Part 2 : Eldridge Cleaver / Ralph Cole, Justice Vision| Roy E. Tuckman. - Eldridge Cleaver traces the civil rights movement from the origins of the United States and the Civil War. Cleaver discusses the origins of segregation and hatred for African-Americans, the role of the Supreme Court, and the influence and struggle of African-American musicians and athletes. Cleaver calls for the completion of the promise of the American dream. Cleaver insists the number one priority is to change the political culture of greed and lies| candidates should be made to write their own speeches and to be bound by the rules of perjury. Cleaver believes the secret weapon is women who can break up the old boys' network. In one insight Cleaver remarks of the Panthers 'We were not suicidal| we were kamakazi, and there's a difference.' SENSITIVE LANGUAGE: 'shit', 'nigger', 'kick ass', 'shove your ass', 'chickenshit'. - BROADCAST: KPFK, 20 Apr 1995.

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KPFK, April 20, 1995
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