War and Peace 2005 cast list

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Mumia Abu-Jamal (journalist)

Ed Asner (actor and peace activist)

David Barsamian (journalist)

Helen Caldicott (peace activist)

Alex Desert (actor)

Mike Farrell (actor and peace activist)

Robert Fisk (journalist)

Shawn Michael Howard (actor)

Kaitlin Hopkins (actress)

Arianna Huffington (columnist and author)

Andy Kaufman, Ph.D. (professor, writer and actor)

Shirley Knight (actor)

Cindy Sheehan (peace activist)

Leslie Silva (actress)

Helen Thomas (journalist)

Anastasia Tolstoy (member of Tolstoy family)

Count Nikolai Tolstoy (member of Tolstoy family)

Colonel Ann Wright (peace activist)


Written and produced by Christopher Sprinkle. Executive producer: Brian DeShazor and the Pacifica Radio Archives.