The Poet And The Poem : Robert Wrigley

The Poet And The Poem : Robert Wrigley / produced by Grace Cavalieri. - SERIES: The Poet and the poem - Interview with writer and poet who discusses and reads selections of his own work. Partially funded by the Witter Bynner Foundation. - BROADCAST: Satellite, 16 Mar.

Bernadette Devlin speech on Northern Ireland

Bernadette Devlin (b. 1947), a leader of the Catholic Civil Rights movement in the late 1960s, gives a speech about the recent history of Northern Ireland since its creation in the 1920's. She also gives a history of religious conflict and the women's peace movement in Northern Ireland. Introduced by Mark Weiss.

In Honor Of The African Patriot, Amilcar Cabral

In Honor Of The African Patriot, Amilcar Cabral| Produced by WPFW| Recorded circa 1978. - CONTENT: Shirley Washington hosts this program to honor the African Patriot, Amilcar Cabral, the man responsible for the liberation of two African nations who was assasinated in 1973. Program includes music, poetry and taped excerpts of speeches by Cabral.

22nd Anniversary Of Bandung

22nd Anniversary Of Bandung| Produced by WPFW| Recorded on April 18, 1955. - CONTENT: Non-alligned Nations, Will Barlow is the interviewer.

October 1993, Revolution At Wpfw

October 1993, Revolution At Wpfw| Produced by KPFK| Recorded on October 1, 1993. - CONTENT: Askia Muhammed, News report on the take-over and shut down of WPFK in 1993. Tom Porta took over while New GM was in Houston for board meeting picket lineswent up and save WPFK committee picketed. Off the air for two days.

Morning Conversation : Jesse Jackson, Carolina Keyes, Minnie Simons

Morning Conversation : Jesse Jackson, Carolina Keyes, Minnie Simons| Recorded circa 1989. - CONTENT: Jesse Jackson begins by speaking about the impact of drugs on society, referencing the violence and blaack on black killings in Washington D.C. Jackson refers to Nelson Mandela who was in Washington D.C.

The Psychology Of Jewish Wit

The Psychology Of Jewish Wit| Interview and panel discussion with Dr. Theodore Reich, Dr. Ferroux and Dr. Harold Greenwald| Date not given. - The Psychology of Jewish Wit, talk given by Dr. Reich which reflects upon the manuscript he has written and hopes to publish. Dr.

History Of The Harlem Study Club

History Of The Harlem Study Club / John H. Clark. - Dr. John Clark speaks on his own personal history, the needs of the African American community, and the development of the Harlem Study Club. Dr.

We Ourselves

We Ourselves / John Hope Franklin| interviewed by Ambrose Lane. - Dr. John Hope Franklin, historian, educator and first President of the American Historical Association, discusses his personal hisotry, issues of race in an historical perspective, and the formation of Black studies as an academic discipline.

Surviving In A Multicultural Society

Surviving In A Multicultural Society / Edwin Nickels. - Talk by Edwin Nickels on the realities of living in a multicultural society, and his experiences as an African-American in the United States.
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