Black women and liberation movements conference (Part 2 only)

Listening Post: Highlights from the "Black Women and Liberation Movements" Conference, sponsored by Howard University's Institute for the Arts and Humanities, November 8, 1979. Speaker on this reel, Frances Beal, tells of her first teacher and about the history of the SNCC and SCLC. This is reel 2 of 2, reel 1 is missing.

Coal country women / produced by Mary Kasamatsu

This is a three-part series on women in Appalachia in the 1970s: mining disasters, their lives as wives and mothers of miners, as miners themselves, and on life in mining country. Produced by Mary Kasamatsu, with funds provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, through National Public Radio's Satellite Program Development Fund.

Labor fights for the ERA

This episode of "Them and Us" is asking "Should labor unions support ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)?". Hosts are Carmen Delle Donne and Karen Boyd. Guests are Lizzie Corban, Sarah Nelson, and Susan Holleran. Includes live call-ins. Broadcast 1-19-78 Thursday, 7:00pm-8:00pm.

Mary Jefferson

This episode of Upstream is on Mary Jefferson (1927 - 2002), a jazz and blues singer popular in Washington, D.C. Jefferson talks about young people's relationship to the blues and how the blues really originated with Black women. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Nikki Jeter. Program cuts out early.

Michelle Parkerson

This episode of Upstream features filmmaker and poet Michelle Parkerson who talks about the economics of being an independent artist. Parkerson talks about her most recent film, "...But Then She's Betty Carter" (1980), and how she supports herself as a filmmaker. Parkerson also reads some of her poetry in the second half of the program.

Women in Washington, D.C.

This episode of Upstream is on women and dating in Washington, D.C. Topics covered include dating as a working woman, fidelity, and prescribed gender roles. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Marie Smith.

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (Girls) Inc.

This episode of Upstream is on the National Association of Colored Women's (and Girls') Clubs, Inc. (NACWC) and includes interviews with several members of the organization. The guests are Otelia Champion, President of the NACWC; Samella Burton, President of the Northeastern Federation of the NACWC; Delia H.

Visions: sculptor Altina interviewed by Pam Peabody

WPFW's Visions, a series on visual arts, features an interview with Altina (Schinasi), sculptor of portrait chairs and benches, and with Joan Mister, assistant director of Washington Women's Art Center. Altina talks about her background studying with George Grosz and about the work in her current show at the Touchstone Gallery.

Miss Black America 1980

This episode of Upstream features Sharon Wright, Miss Black America 1980. Wright was the thirteenth recipient of the title and after relinquishing the crown acted as spokesperson for Coca-Cola. She discusses her activities of the past year and gives advice to young girls who'd like to compete in the pageant.

Kids talk about drugs / produced by Pamela Brooks

A Washington D.C. Public Schools Radio Project with several children (mostly Black) from Savoy Elementary School talking about their experiences with drugs, drug users, pushers, and why they hate drugs. One student, Angela Pyles [sp?] reads her poem "King Heroin." Len Whitney is host, Pamela Brooks is producer, and Bob Frazer is engineer. Self-contained.
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