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THIS WAY OUT the international gay & lesbian radio magazine Program #721. (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle) Program I.D. #02-F72-00003 A teen finds the courage to make a special purchase in "Paying For It"; Out in Jerusalem with openly-gay U.S. Congressperson Barney Frank; Norway's openly-gay Finance Minister tallies an historic first, a Quebec tribunal sanctions "live-out" spouses, censorship cases confront courts from California to South Korea, Melbourne's police-inclusive Midsumma Festival Parade kicks off 2002 Pride celebrations, and other global news Opening Teases/Theme Music/Intro Continuity . . . . . . . . . . . . 1:05 SEGMENT #1 NewsWrap: Norwegian Minister of Finance Per-Kristian Foss becomes the world's first openly-gay cabinet member to legally register his same-gender partnership, while an administrative tribunal in the Canadian province of Quebec rules that an unmarried couple either heterosexual or same-gender - need not live together to qualify for common-law couple survivor benefits; outraged protest from the religious right scuttles a civil unions bill in the California legislature before it can get out of committee, but another state legislative committee kills a "no promo homo" public education proposal; a federal appeals court upholds the right of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution condemning anti-gay ads placed by religious right groups, while a federal trial court judge in Minnesota upholds the right of a high school student to wear a "Straight Pride" sweatshirt on campus, but a school district's responsibility to protect students from anti-gay harassment is affirmed for the first time in Pennsylvania with a $312,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed by former Titusville Area School District student Timothy Dahle; in another censorship battle, 15 gay groups are jointly suing the South Korean government for shutting down several gay Web sites under the guise of "protecting children"; a Human Rights Tribunal in the Canadian province of British Columbia issues its largest-ever discrimination award: C$7,500 to transwoman Kimberly Nixon, who was rejected from volunteering at the Vancouver Rape Relief Society because they didn't believe she could be an effective rape counselor; the U.S. Marine Corps follows the country's other service branches by issuing its own Afghanistan conflict "stop loss" order that will nevertheless not stop discharges of gays & lesbians; queer activists from both major parties criticize the exclusion of sexual orientation from a new anti-discrimination executive order issued by recently-elected Virginia Democratic Governor Mark Warner; the state of Maryland's first out lawmaker, Baltimore Democrat Maggie McIntosh, also becomes the state's first woman to serve as House Majority leader, while the state of Massachusetts has another openly-gay Republican candidate for statewide office as Dan Grabauskas declares his candidacy for state Treasurer; gay and transgender hijra from the Indian Eunuchs Federation will field 30 candidates in upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state; Australian-born British activist Peter Tatchell continues to be denied a visa to his native country, not even to attend the funeral of his stepfather; a police contingent, led by Victoria state Police Commissioner Christine Nixon, is expected to make history at this weekend's Midsumma Festival Parade in Melbourne, Australia, the first official Pride celebration of 2002; and the third annual Same-Sex Hand-Holding Day is observed at the University of Florida at Gainsville [written by CINDY FRIEDMAN, with thanks to GRAHAM UNDERHILL, JASON LIN, BRIAN NUNES, CHRIS AMBIDGE, REX WOCKNER, GREG GORDON & LUCIA CHAPPELLE, and anchored by BRIAN NUNES & CINDY FRIEDMAN] . . . . . . 9:25 SEGMENT #2 - "Paying For It" billboard (with brief tease) [:15] + Official business took U.S. REPRESENTATIVE BARNEY FRANK to ISRAEL for high-level meetings on the current Middle East crisis. It was business of a more personal nature that took the gay Jewish Congressperson to the Jerusalem Open House, that city's gay, lesbian, bi, and trans center. At a reception before Frank's formal remarks, "This Way Out" correspondent ERAN CICUREL was eager to hear about Frank's experiences as an "out" politician, his views on Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, and his approach to pushing for GLBT rights around the world [9:30]. 9:45 SEGMENT #3 - "TWO" I.D. by openly-gay writer/producer/director CLIVE BARKER [:35] + The seemingly--simple act of buying a magazine at the mall becomes a nerve-racking rite of passage for a young gay teen, as PETER DELL recalls in this touchingly-told reminiscence, "Paying For It" (produced by STEVE PRIDE) [6:20] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:55

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January 21, 2002
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29 min.
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Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archive, 2002
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