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THIS WAY OUT the international gay & lesbian radio magazine Program #706 distributed 10/8/01: (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle) (Program I.D. #02-F72-00041 : Novelist Paul Lussier reveals skeletons in the American Colonial closet; Two indie film hits explore the touchy subject of intergenerational love; Right wing U.S. groups continue their post-September 11th anti-gay attacks; A British Columbia court condones marriage discrimination, the Council of Europe denounces homophobia, Romania's right is riled by their gay U.S.ambassador, a Korean transwoman is true to her school, and other GLBT news * In "NewsWrap": A British Columbia court rejects a lawsuit seeking equal marriage rights for same-gender couples, but it's only the first step up the Canadian legal ladder... a U.S. federal appeals court upholds San Francisco's pioneering Equal Benefits Ordinance... President Bush's appointment of openly-gay Michael Guest as ambassador to Romania riles right-wing groups there... the Council of Europe's executive body issues a strong statement in support of gay & lesbian civil rights for the first time in its 50-year history... the world's first transsexual Member of Parliament, New Zealand's Georgina Beyer, says she'll stand for reelection after all, while Korean transsexual pop star Ha Ri-su gets a rousing reception at her old all male high school... plus other GLBT news from around the world [written by CINDY FRIEDMAN and anchored by CINDY FRIEDMAN and CHRISTOPHER GAAL].(about 10:00)* Religious-right campaigner Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition got his moment in the post-September 11th media spotlight this week, by calling on terrorist attack relief agencies to deny assistance to the surviving members of lesbian and gay relationships. This latest anti-queer assault comes on the heels of press releases from at least two other rightwing U.S. groups, Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council, charging that gays and lesbians were taking advantage of the national tragedy by pushing their "agenda" "while the nation's back is turned". This brief report by This Way Out's LUCIA CHAPPELLE [with thanks to Nell Abram and Aaron Glance of Free Speech Radio News] includes excerpts from the prepared statement by the Traditional Values Coalition, read by their spokesperson STEVE AIKEN, and reaction from REV. TROY PERRY of the predominantly-gay & lesbian Metropolitan Community Church.(about 3:00) * As we discovered last week, PAUL LUSSIER has put the "revolution" back into the American Revolution with his well-received historical novel, "LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS". He told This Way Out's RITA GONZALEZ about how his nearly 10 years of research into the period revealed that most of the iconic U.S. "Founding Fathers" were a self-interested gentry in contempt of "the common people" -- with the one exception being General (and soon-to-be-first U.S. President) George Washington. In the conclusion of this 2-part feature interview, Lussier discusses his novel's two leading characters: John Lawrence, an actual historical participant in the War and a self-described "fey" man who was one of Washington's most successful envoys to France, and "Deborah Simpson", a cross-dressing woman soldier and spy who is a composite of 3 actual female Revolutionary War figures.(about 7:00)* Two movies about intergenerational love that have stirred controversy at gay and lesbian film festivals across North America may finally be making their way to theaters around the U.S. This Way Out's STEVE PRIDE previews a scene from "L.I.E." and chats with director MICHAEL CUESTA, and talks with Oscar-nominated "OUR LADY OF THE ASSASSINS" director BARBET SCHROEDER about shooting on location in Medellin, Colombia.(about 6:00)

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October 8, 2001
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29 min.
Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archive, 2001
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