Democracy Now! February 1, 2002

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Democracy Now! February 1, 2002
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Porto Alegre Brazil : World Social Forum kicks off. Their message: is Another world is possible? And, is the World Economic Forum bad for business in New York? Midtown Manhattan is locked down, and the city is filled . Guests: Van Jones, who is being given an award by the World Economic Forum, Canadian activist Jaggi Singh, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta, and Dean of Harvards Kennedy School of Government, Joseph Nye.

9:01-9:06 HEADLINES THE FIRST WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM PROTESTER IS ARRESTED Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn, 7 ACT UP activists were arrested while dropping two massive banners in protest of the World Economic Forum meeting in New York. The banners demanded that corporations pay for treatment for the tens of thousands of HIV-positive workers they employ in poor countries. Mark Milano was officially the first WEF protester to be arrested this year in New York. GUEST: MARK MILANO, ACT UP NEW YORK 9:06-9:07 ONE-MINUTE MUSIC BREAK 9:07-9:20 AND, IS THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM BAD FOR BUSINESS IN NEW YORK? MIDTOWN MANHATTAN IS LOCKED DOWN, AND THE CITY IS FILLED WITH THE PARTIES OF THE POWERFUL AND THE ELITE The World Economic Forum got its start yesterday morning in a whirl of plenaries, security checkpoints, handshakes, and global luminaries. As delegates continued to stream into their midtown hotels, hundreds who had already arrived began the circuit of panels and workshops. Among them: "A Safer World: How Do We Get There?" "Management Update: Making Hard Choices." And "The Root Cause of Conflict." There was even a panel about artificial intelligence. Something, for everybody, as they say. But the real WEF activities began in the evening. There was a welcome address by Governor George Pataki and WEF Founder and President, Klaus Schwab; there were speeches by Kofi Anan, King Hussein of Jordan, and President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines; and, of course, there were the parties elaborate and exclusive affairs that included a private Elton John concert sponsored by Lehman Brothers and a Vivendi Universal event produced by Quincy Jones and Phil Ramone. Performers there allegedly included Lauryn Hill, Branton Marsalis, and the ubiquitous Bono. Meanwhile, critics of globalization continued to organize throughout the city, with forums, puppet-making workshops, and peaceful protests. They have come from across the United States as well as Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. They are planning major demonstrations starting tomorrow: Reclaim the Streets, the Another World is Possible coalition, Students for Global Justice, the Anti Capitalist Convergence and other groups will be gathering for a peaceful festival of resistance in two marches that will end up outside the Waldorf Astoria. GUEST: VAN JONES, lawyer and organizer and founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which challenges human rights abuses within the U.S. criminal justice system, including programs like Books Not Bars and New York City PoliceWatch. Jones has a long history of protesting corporate summits like the WEF, but this time he is in New York to pick up an award.IN STUDIO GUEST: JAGGI SINGH, organizer, Anti-Capitalist Convergence, Montreal IN STUDIO CONTACT: GUEST: JOSE RAMOS HORTA, Foreign Minister, East Timor, and winner of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize GUEST: JOSEPH NYE, Dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he is also a Professor of Public Policy. He returned to Harvard in December of 1995 after serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense in the first Clinton Administration. Dean Nye helped kick off the forum yesterday as a participant in a workshop called "Global Governance: What needs to Change?" Later this morning, he will be facilitating a workshop at the WEF later this morning. The workshop is called "New Priorities in US Foreign Policy," and will feature politicians, like Senators Orrin Hatch and John Kerrey, business leaders like Philip Condit, who is the Chairman and CEO of the Boeing Company, and political analysts like George Stephanopolous. 9:20-9:21 ONE-MINUTE MUSIC BREAK 9:21-9:40 THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: MIDTOWN MANHATTAN IS LOCKED DOWN, AND THE CITY IS FILLED WITH THE PARTIES OF THE POWERFUL AND THE ELITE CONTD 9:40-9:41 ONE-MINUTE MUSIC BREAK 9:41-9:58 THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: MIDTOWN MANHATTAN IS LOCKED DOWN, AND THE CITY IS FILLED WITH THE PARTIES OF THE POWERFUL AND THE ELITE CONTD 9:58-9:59 OUTRO AND CREDITS

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February 1, 2002
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February 1, 2002
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59 min.
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WPFW; Amy Goodman, host. February 1, 2002
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