Democracy Now! February 1, 1999

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Democracy Now! February 1, 1999
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An Interview With Death Row Inmate Shawn Sellers; Interview with Dr. Dorothy Lewis;

An Interview with Death Row Inmate Shawn Sellers If the U.S. Supreme Court does not intervene on his behalf in the next two days, Sean Sellers will become the first person in 40 years to be executed in the United States for a crime committed when he was 16 years old. Sellers, who is now 29 years old, had been on Oklahoma death row since 1985, when he was sentenced to die for killing three people as part of a satanic ritual. GUEST: Sean Sellers. Interview with Dr. Dorothy Lewis Defenders of Sean Sellers say that he suffered from multiple personality disorder as a result of severe child abuse. Although one of the last courts to which he appealed admitted that his mental condition should be taken into account in his case, the judges ruled that they could not give him relief, and saed that it was up to the state to grant him clemency.

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February 1, 1999
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February 1, 1999
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WPFW; Maria Carrion, Amy Goodman; February 1, 1999
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