Democracy Now! December 29,1 998

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Democracy Now! December 29,1 998
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Civil Action - The Environmental Story Behind the Film; Ploughshares Protest; Protest Against Road Redirection

(33 Minutes) A Civil Action - The Environmental Story Behind the Film "A Civil Action" is the name of a new movie starring John Travolta. Based on the book by Jonathan Harr, the film tells the stroy of how two of the nations largest corporations - WR Grace and Beatrice Foods stood acused of contaminating the water supply of Woburn, MA. GUEST: Jan Schlichtmann, maverick attorney depicted in the film by John Travolta. GUEST: Lawrie Mott, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council. GUEST: Richard Aufiero, depicted in the film. (9 Minutes) Ploughshares Protest Yesterday seven people were arrested at the Pentagon as they threw blood and oil on a new tunnel that was just opened there. Today, the protesters head to the White House. Among them is veteran peace activist Bill Frankel-Straight, who works with the Catholic Worker. He talks about the action from a church in DC. (6 Minutes) Protest Against Road Redirection 25 people were arraigned yesterday in Minneapolis on various charges ranging from trespassing to resisting arrest. They're part of a larger movement that is resisting the redirection of a state highway to the largest mall in the US, the Mall of America. The proposed rerouting would take the road through sacred land and one of the last remaining wild areas in Minneapolis. Solstice is one of dozins of people who had been occupying a row of houses in southern Minneapolis which they call "Mini-Haha" free state.

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December 29, 1998
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December 29,1 998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; December 29, 1998
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