Democracy Now! December 3, 1998

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Democracy Now! December 3, 1998
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Pedro Oregon Case; Exxon - Mobil Merger;

(23 Minutes) Pedro Oregon Case On July 11, 1998, six Houston police officers burst in to the house of Pedro Oregon, a Mexican immigrant and unleashed a barrage of 21 shots, striking him nine times in teh back, twice in the gead and once through his left hand. Oregon died on his bedroom floor. The police did not have a search warrant. The six officers were fired from the force but were all cleared of any wrongdoing by a grand jury. In respnse, Houston mayor Lee Brown wrote to the US attorney General Janet Reno seeking a federal investigation. Oregon's family has filed a $35 million civil rights lawsuit against the city of Houston. GUEST: Susana Oregon, Sister of Pedro Oregon. GUEST: Paul Nugent, Oregon family attorney. GUEST; Steve Sanders, President of the Houston Police Patrolman's Union. GUEST: Richard Mithoff, Oregon family attorney. (27 Minutes) Exxon - Mobil Merger With the merger of teh oil giants Exxon and Mobil, activists say democracy, the environment and workers rights are all in jeopardy. GUEST: Rev. Roy Malveaux, Pastor of the Shining Star Baptist Church in Beaumont, TX. He was forced out of the Mount Zion Baptist Church by parishionoers who are former Mobil employees. He is the State Executive Director of People Against Contaminated Envornoment (PACE). GUEST: Bob Wages, President of the Union of Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers. GUEST: Steve Kretzman, Oil Campaign Director at Project Underground, an oil industry watch-dog.

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December 3, 1998
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December 3, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; December 3, 1998
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