John Ross and Javier Elorriaga

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John Ross and Javier Elorriaga
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Part I: John Ross, award-winning author and journalist. Ross has been reporting on popular struggle in Mexico and Latin America for teh better part of two decades. Ross is also a social activist, a poet and the author of three books. BOOK: REBELLION FROM THE ROOTS, chronicalling the first year of the Zapatista rebellion in the Mexican state of Chiapas. BOOK: IN FOCUS: MEXICO. A POLITICAL GUIDE BOOK and BOOK: THE ANNEXATION OF MEXICO: FROM THE AZTECS TO THE IMF. We hear a talk given as part of the Fresh Air series in October 1997. Part II: Javier Elorriaga, The director of the Frente Zapatistas. He's an historian and journalist. He was imprisoned by the Mexican Gevernment on subversion charges for his support of the Zapatista rebellion. We hear a speech given at California's Polytichnic Insititute at Pomona as part of the Fresh Air series.

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