Radio free Alcatraz - June 2 and 4, 1970

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Radio free Alcatraz - June 2 and 4, 1970
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BB5457.28 - 10:13. KPFA's Claude Marks interviews the Coast Guard 06/02/70. Spokespersons report that fire burned down a number of buildings. This tape was once split into A+B, but there were duplicated reels. Denny Smithson comes in to give John a chance to tell story.
BB5457.29 - 7:00. 6/2/70. John Trudell's reporting to KPFA's Denny Smithson on the fire. "We need water." Insert in tape box: There were fires on Alcatraz Island on Monday night. KPFA's Denny Smithson talked to John Trudell, a spokesman for the Indians of All Tribes on Alcatraz about what happened. Insert Denny and Trudell. That was John Trudell of the Indians of All Tribes on Alcatraz, speaking with Denny Smithson. The assistant to the regional inspector of the General Services Administration, Richard Davis, said today, "I presume the Indians started the fire themselves." Mr. Trudell, as you heard, denied the charge, and also said another boat was heard leaving the island shortly before the fires were discovered.
BB5457.30 - 41 sec. 06/04/70. "We need medical supplies" request by John Trudell. He reports that a lot of people are sick with flu and colds.
BB5457.31 - 4:00. 06/04/70. Trudell reports on clean up work and tourism to island. "No guns stockpiled." Government smear campaign. "Just leave us alone."

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June 2 and 4, 1970
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KPFA, June 2 and 4, 1970.
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40 reels (ca. 800 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archives, 1970
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