KPFA stop the war teach-in / produced by Laurie Garrett and Anita Frankel.

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KPFA stop the war teach-in / produced by Laurie Garrett and Anita Frankel.
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Excerpts from the aircheck of the recorded event.

r.l. Introduction. -- r.2. Michael Klare and William Mandel (35 min.). -- r.3. Robert Manning (15 min.). -- r.4. George Wald (25 min.). -- r.5. Alan Soldofsky and Michael Lerner (30 min.). -- r.6. Peter Dale Scott (15 min.). -- r.7. Doug Dowd (15 min.). -- r.8. Dorothy Healey (20 min.). -- r.9. Peter Rowan (30 min.). -- r.10. Factrix (30 min.) -- r.11. Harry Britt (20 min.). -- r.12. Charles Schwartz and Susu Jeffrey (30 min.). -- r.13. Ali Alyami (10 min.). -- r.14. Elizabeth Farnsworth and Father Moriarty (20 in.). -- r.15. Bogden Denitch (20 min.). -- r.16. Kate Wolf (30 min.). -- r.17. Jack McCloskey and Ron Kovic (35 min.). -- r.18. Helen Michalowski (25 min.). -- r.19. Lee Thorne and Amy Siegal (25 min.). -- r.20. The Contractions (30 min.). -- r.21. Dave McFadden (15 min.). -- r.22. Karen Westmont (10 min.). -- r.23. Dennis Banks (15 min.). -- r.24. Lenny Anderson (30 min.). -- r.25. Ron Dellums (25 min.). -- r.26. Michael Barretz (15 min.). -- r.27. Angela Davis (25 min.). -- r.28. Dead Kennedys (27 min.). -- r.29. Report on the Campanile takeover. -- r.30. Alice Hamburg, Harry Bridges, and the Plutonium Players. -- r.31. Bob Mandel and Fred Gretenhart.

Date Recorded on: 
at U.C. Berkeley on Apr. 8-9, 1980.
Date Broadcast on: 
KPFA, Apr. 25, 1980.
Total duration (All reels): 
31 reels (ca. 670 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, stereo.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1980.
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RESTRICTED. Permissions, licensing requests, Curriculum Initiative, Campus Campaign and all other inquiries should be directed to: Mark Torres, Archives Director, 800-735-0230,
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