The Acid test / produced by Laurie Garrett.

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The Acid test / produced by Laurie Garrett.
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Recorded actuality of the activities of Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters, and Grateful Dead on an acid trip in San Francisco in 1967.|THE ACID TEST / produced by Laurie Garrett. - SERIES: KPFA Thirty Year Retrospective| 1967. In 1967 members of the Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead joined with Ken Kesey for a super acid trip in San Francisco. A microphone was in the middle of it all, and the resulting tape represents a condensed twelve hour acid trip. The whole thing was released as an album (very limited printing), one of which was given to KPFA to auction off as part of their 30th Anniversary Celebration. It brought in $225 from a listener who really wanted to trip out with the gang. The tape starts wierd, with a really straight asshole reporter asking Kesey off-the-wall questions while he's coming on. But, stick around, it's a good trip. BROADCAST: KPFA, March 1979. Part of the KPFA thirty year retrospective ; 1967.

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KPFA, Mar. 1979.
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1 reel (28 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.|28:00
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1979.
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