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PRA began digitizing recordings and re-mastering or restoring material in 1999. Since then Pacifica has restored hundreds of historical recordings initiated by partner projects or guided by customer requests.

Pacifica Stations

BBC Radio 5: Up All Night

Beginning in September 2007, PRA's weekly radio series From the Vault expanded its listening audience to a worldwide audience on BBC Radio 5. Joanne Griffith hosts a weekly segment from the Pacifica Radio Archives each Sunday morning on the BBC Radio 5 LIVE on Up All Night with host Dotun Adebayo.

The UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project

Since 2002 the Pacifica Radio Archives has partnered with the the Media Resource Center (MRC), Moffitt Library, University of California, Berkeley Libraries to assess, digitize, and make available on the worldwideweb for research and study, audio recordings including broadcast tapes, unedited original source materials, and reporter's notes covering seminal movements in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1960's and 1970's: The Free Speech Movement, The Black Panther Party chronology and party platform, LGBT timeline, the Anti-Vietnam War protest movement, Spiro Agnew, and other materials.

This project has been made possible by the support and dedication of Pacifica Radio staff, the staff and volunteers of KPFA-Berkeley, and the University of California, Berkeley Libraries. We are especially indebted to the visionary Gary Handman, Head of the UCB Media Resource Center, and to Nicole Sawaya.

UC Berkeley with American Women Making History and Culture

Partnership with NHPRC grant-funded project to span over the next two years. This is where PRA's preserved recordings through the NHPRC grant will be made available and preserved long-term. Items documented so far can be found by clicking here.

The Quentin Crisp Archives

In 1999 when Quentin Crisp passed away, the Pacifica Radio Archives partnered with the Quentin Crisp archives to share recordings PRA had of Mr. Crisp as well as recording and producing the recording of the memorial celebration held in his honor. The memorial recording went on to win the 2000 National Federation of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Award for best local coverage.

George Blood, L.P.

What used to be Safe Sound is now George Blood Audio and George Blood Video, preservation experts who have been seminal in the preservation of Pacifica Radio Archives recordings.

The Pop-Up Archive

The Pop-Up Archive is a user-friendly, web-based platform for anyone to archive their audio. Pacifica Radio Archives has participated in the developmental and pilot stages of this technology by submitting recordings for testing. Items from the PRA collection will be featured in Pop-Up's November 2013 launch.

Internet Archive

Since 2008, the Internet Archive has partnered with the Pacifica Radio Archives to host select grant-funded preserved audio recordings from PRA's vaults, as well as our historic collection of digitized program folios dating back to 1949. To date, hosts approximately 500 of our recordings and over 1700 digitized folios.

Audio - The Internet Archives hosts a massive amount of digitized programs that have resulted from the many grant-funded preservation projects here at PRA.

Folios - The Internet Archive hosts the Pacifica Radio Archives Folio Preservation and Digitization Project, making historic station program guides available to the public online, for research and other purposes. The Folios, dating back to 1949, not only contextualize our audio collection, but they give a glimpse into the cultural, political and social concerns of their time. Digitized folios are viewable online as if you were paging through the actual Folio itself, as PDFs, and more.

University of Maryland - National Public Broadcasting Archives

Some of Pacifica Radio Archives' materials can be found in this special collection at the University of Maryland. The collection is titled Pacifica Foundation Records, 1946-1991. 13.50 linear feet. Location: Mass Media and Culture. The collection traces the founding of Pacifica and the development of the listener-support system for radio.

Click here for the full finding aid to the Pacifica Foundation Records.

Pacifica-Related Collections

Other Pacifica broadcasting-related collections can be found here:

Pacifica Foundation Publicity brochures and papers, M0425, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Ethnomusicology Archive Open Reel Tape Collection, 2008.03, Ethnomusicology Archive, University
of California, Los Angeles.

KPFA-FM Music Dept. audio collection. Other Minds Archives, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Historic audio from the archives of Charles Ruas, hosted by

Archives on specific programs and further Pacifica Foundation history may be searched at the Online Archive of California.