Stonewall 25: A Live Celebration

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Hosted by Carlotta Joy Walk, Julie Drisson and David Rothenberg

Produced by WBAI-FM, New York.

Live coverage of the 25th anniversay celebration of the Stonewall rebellion in Central Park, New York. Includes interviews with people in the crowd and live stage events. CONTENT: History of gay movement -- Birth of the gay rights movement at the Stonewall in Greenwich Village, 28 June 1969 -- The gay games -- Interviews with veterans of the gay movement -- Recent anti-gay actions : Cobb County, Georgia -- The importance of coming out -- Mark : a 75 year old gay man -- How the religious right endangers the movement -- The South African gay community -- A Gay games athlete -- Creation of the annual event / Ron Gold -- Band from the stage : Fem to Fem -- Latina comedian / Margaret Gomez -- Actresses on stage / Kathy Najimy and Liza Minelli -- Overview of the crowd -- The British contingent / Ian McClelland -- The Rigligious right attacked -- Speeches from the stage / Judith LIght and Ann Northrup. RECORDED: Central Park, New York, 26 June 1994.

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