Stonewall : Myth, Magic And Mobilization

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Stonewall : Myth, Magic And Mobilization
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Stonewall : Myth, Magic And Mobilization / produced by Bert Wylen. - Historical documentary of the gay and lesbian liberation movement from turn-of-the-century Germany, to the founding of the secret Mattachine Society in Los Angeles in 1950, and the founding of the Daughters of Bilitis in San Francisco in 1955. Examines a 1965 event the could have preempted the Stonewall Rebellion by 4 1/2 years, and then proceeds to explore the Stonewall Riots on June 26, 1969, in New York City's Greenwich Village. Explores the progess and developments of gay and lesbian community and culture, present-day thinking and organization in the face of the AIDS plague, as well as efforts by the Christian Right to eliminate civil rights already won, and human freedoms still being sought by many and lesbian and gay citizens. - Program must be used in whole. For any other use, contact Bert Wylen at 302 South 12th Street, #402, Philadelphia PA 19107. - BROADCAST: Satellite, 23 Apr. 1994.

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