Flor del Pueblo at La Pena

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Flor del Pueblo at La Pena
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Live performance by Flor del Pueblo at La Pena in Berkeley, CA.
Introduction explains the history of La Pena as a setting for the revolutionary political song movement of Latin America. Flor del Pueblo will play a set, then Pa' los Huicholes from L.A. will play for another 45 minute set, then Flor del Pueblo will close. The first reel only has Flor del Pueblo's first set.

MC of event announces on tape, "La Pena is a project that follows a Latin American tradition. In the south part of the continent, people would get together after working in neighborhood places where they will drink, where they will eat, and where they will play and listen to music and songs. And they were working class places, alternative to the middle class places, the nightclubs or entertaining places. After a while these places became so important that they began to be used in a more political way. And it was in Chile where the first Pena became a very important cultural center with a very well-defined political role. It was La Pena los Barra. Open by Buletta Barra, the mother of (...) and a whole family of very important poets and musicians that are the pioneers of the revolutionary political song movement in Latin America."

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